Bullet journal doodles are one of the very best ways to personalise your journal and make it your own. With this bumper list of doodle inspiration and tutorials, you can truly get creative and bring your bullet journal to life!

What Are Journal Doodles?

Bullet journal doodles | Image shows a pale green desk with stationery on it, including dandelion bullet journal doodles.

Journal doodles are all the artistic borders and little illustrations you find inside of a journal. Doodles are intended to be simple drawings that are quick and easy to create – but there are lots of little tips that can help streamline this process and make them fast and super effective!

Doodles are brilliant for anyone just starting out with an interest in drawing, or for those who enjoy creating quick, pretty pictures to personalise their journal and make it truly unique and fabulous!

It’s also a great mindfulness exercise and be used to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

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The Best Doodle Pens and Doodle Supplies

Before you start personalising your bullet journal with fancy illustrations and borders, you need to gather some art and doodle supplies. You can of course start with just a basic pencil, but if you choose to make this a new hobby, you may want to invest in a few materials to help you create different effects and add colour.

These are some recommended doodle pens and pencils to help make your drawings as easy and beautiful as possible…

1. Fine Tip Drawing Pens

These pens are ideal for doodling as they offer a variety of nib sizes and colours. The thinnest of the black pens is 0.25mm for drawing intricate details, and they’re also waterproof and fade-resistant.

Micron black fine tip pens:

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Micron coloured fine tip pens:

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2. Metallic Pens

These are fab if you’re looking to add bold metallic or sparkly colour to your illustrations.

Available in a medium nib (2.5mm) in a range or metallic colours, or fine (1.5mm) for sparkling colours, the ink of these pens can smudge when wet, so you need to take extra care when drawing with these. However the results look awesome!

Uni Posca medium metallic pens:

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Posca fine sparkling pens:

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3. Dual Brush Pens

These are gorgeous pastel colours, but they have other options available too. They’re ideal for blending to create watercolour style illustrations, with the fine tip perfect for detail, and the brush tip useful for colouring larger areas.

Tombow pastel dual brush pens:

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4. Colouring Pencils

If you’re looking for a superior set of pencils which offer vivid pigment and blend well, you won’t beat these professional artist’s pencils.

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5. White Paint Pen

When you start to get a little bit more serious about doodling, you’ll definitely want to invest in a white pen. Firstly, because doodling white on black is so bold and beautiful! And secondly because it can help you to achieve highlight effects in your drawings (and fonts).

Posca White Paint Marker:

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Once you have your materials ready, all that remains is to open your notebook or journal and get creative! Of course it’s not always quite that simple:

An empty white (or black!) space can be daunting; instead it should be inviting. That’s where this post comes in.

Inspiration For Bullet Journal Doodles!

Seeing all the beautiful bullet journal headers, spreads, and doodle designs on Instagram etc can be both inspiring, and…perhaps a little overwhelming. But really all that’s needed is a tiny bit of direction and technical know-how, and you’ll easily be able to replicate your favourites.

Included in this post are an enormous variety so there’s sure to be a range of doodles to suit your personal tastes, whether you prefer to stick to a theme in your journal, or change things up according to the season…

Themes and Seasonal Doodle Prompts

You’ll find at least one bullet journal doodle (and in most cases lots!) for the following themes:

  • Dividers
  • Floral borders
  • Stationery
  • Flora
  • Weather
  • Animals
  • Mythical creatures
  • Travel and lifestyle
  • Seasonal
  • Food and drink
  • Miscellaneous doodles

Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas

Here are more than 100 different bullet journal doodle ideas and tutorials to help you create intricate borders and cute drawings.

How to draw a dandelion tutorial pin.

Bullet Journal Border Designs

Botanical Divider Doodles For Your Bullet Journal

Easy Doodle Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

All of these doodles are entirely possible for everyone to reproduce – they’re simple but effective, and the step by step directions make them so simple to copy, for budding artists and hobbyists alike.

If you’ve read my post about bujo fonts, you’ll know that I also encourage children to try their hand if it’s something that interests them – and these doodles are perfect for motivating them!

Stationery Bujo Doodles

Bullet Journal Flora Doodles

Flower Doodles

How to draw rosebud doodles:

How to draw rose doodles:

How to draw tulip doodles:

How to draw sunflower doodles:

How to draw poppy doodles:

How to draw a peony:

How to draw a dandelion:

Dandelion bullet journal doodle

How to draw lavender doodles:

Tree Doodle

How to draw a palm tree doodle:

How to draw a Christmas tree doodle:

Leaf Doodling

How to draw a four leaf clover doodle:

How to draw autumn / fall leaf doodles:

How to draw a tropical leaf doodle:

Cactus Doodles

Toadstool Doodles

Weather Bullet Journal Drawings

How to draw sun doodles:

How to draw cloud doodles:

Bullet Journal Animal Doodles

How to draw a rabbit doodle:

How to draw a cat doodle:

How to draw dog doodles:

Zoo Animal Doodles

How to draw a giraffe doodle:

How to draw an elephant doodle:

How to draw a monkey doodle:

Bird Doodles

How to draw a robin doodle:

How to draw butterfly doodles:

How to draw an owl doodle:

Sea Creature Doodles

How to draw fish doodles:

How to draw jellyfish doodles:

How to draw seal doodles:

How to draw a seahorse doodle

How to draw a dolphin doodle:

How to draw a whale doodle:

How to draw starfish doodles:

How to draw shell doodles:

Mythical Creatures Bujo Doodles

How to draw unicorn doodles:

How to draw dragon doodles:

How to draw fairy doodles:

How to draw mermaid doodles:

Lifestyle and Travel Doodles For Your Bullet Journal

How to draw travel doodles:

How to draw holiday / vacation doodles:

How to paint a watercolour sunglasses doodle:

How to draw a camera doodle:

How to draw a suitcase doodle:

How to draw a globe doodle:

How to paint a watercolour cocktail doodle:

Seasonsal Bujo Doodles

How to draw Easter doodles:

How to draw Halloween doodles:

How to draw Christmas doodles:

Food and Drink Doodles For Your Bullet Journal

How to draw fruit doodles:

How to paint a watercolour avocado:

How to draw a cupcake doodle:

How to draw an ice cream doodle:

How to draw tea and coffee doodles:

Miscellaneous Bullet Journal Doodles

Feather Doodles

Sunset Doodles

Moon Doodles

Galaxy Doodles

There you have it – more than 100 different tutorials to get you doodling like a pro so you can fully customise your journal and really make it a thing of beauty!

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