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How to Draw a Fish – 17 Step by Step Tutorials for Your Bujo

If you love an ocean bullet journal theme then you’ll want to know how to draw a fish that looks cute and effective. In this post we’re going to take a look at a variety of simple fish drawing tutorials to help you.

Learn How to Draw a Fish Easily!

How to draw a fish | Image of a fish drawn in black pen, with a hand holding a pen in the corner and pink and green sea creature decorations.
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This article will go over everything you need to know to create beautiful underwater-themed bullet journal pages with a variety of species of fish including marine and tropical fish.

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Art Supplies For Simple Fish Drawing

Here are the basics you’ll need for your easy drawing tutorials:



Brush pen set

Colouring pencils

You may also be interested in all of the best pens for journaling, which are perfect for cute doodling and also for creating lovely headers with fancy bullet journal fonts.

Just before we get to the tutorials, let’s first learn the anatomy of a fish!

Anatomy of a Fish For Easy Fish Drawing

In order to recreate a beautiful fish, you will need to understand the names for the different parts of a fish’s body. Here are the different parts we’ll be sketching:

  • Dorsal fin

The top fin is known as the dorsal fin, and depending on the type of fish there may be more than one.

  • Pectoral fin

The pectoral fin or side fin is located on the side of the fish.

  • Pelvic Fins

The fins also known as ventral fins are on the belly of the fish, towards the front. These are the ones that look most like arms!

  • Anal Fin

Fish may have one or two anal fins. These are located on the bottom of the fish towards the back and act like a rudder.

  • Caudal fin

This is the tail fin.

  • Gill covers

This is the area that separates the head of the fish from the rest of the body.

Now you know the different areas of a fish, let’s get creative!

17 Tutorials to Help You Master Drawing Realistic Fish, Step by Step

If you want to create amazing ocean-themed bullet journal spreads then you’ll need to know how to sketch real fish for an effective finish.

This visual guide will help you with simple steps to draw the fish you want to make the perfect underwater bujo spread!

Happy doodling!