There’s a new family hobby in our house: a popular wooden stacking rainbow. We cannot get enough of Grimm’s wooden toys, the beautiful pastel rainbow in particular; finding and attempting ever more complex structures is becoming something of an addiction. Plus a Montessori rainbow aligns with our parenting philosophies. If you’re looking for new and exciting Grimm’s rainbow ideas you’ve come to the right place.

Classic 12 Piece Rainbow
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10 Piece Sunset Rainbow
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12 Piece Pastel Rainbow
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But before we get to the inspo, let’s take  quick look at why this toy is so awesome – we couldn’t love it more, and here’s why…

Open-Ended Play and Learning Opportunities With a Grimms Montessori Rainbow

Grimms montessori rainbow constructed in the shape of a spiral, standing upright on a rainbow rug in a playroom.
Grimms Montessori rainbow.

A child-led learning environment is one of the most important spaces we can provide for our children; I know this because over the years my good friend Sarah from Arthurwears has helped to educate me! As a former EYFS teacher who now blogs about her passion for child-led learning and open-ended play, she’s a lady who knows her stuff.

Sarah says that rather than expecting children to learn within a topic, we should work towards creating freethinkers, who are able to think outside the box and come up with their own ideas, independently, using the resources we’ve provided within their learning environment.

The concept is to provide open-ended prompts, or provocations and fascinations as Sarah so perfectly describes them, which encourage the child to explore and be creative, and ultimately to learn through their play. Learning in this way is – as intended – fun; formalisation is removed and the positive experience forms memories of the newly acquired skills.

This is why Grimms rainbow stacker ideas are so worth exploring – they’re prompts for imaginative play and learning.


It’s fascinating stuff, and I highly recommend reading the full post from Sarah about how to set up a child-led learning environment.

Going back to the particular toy we’re talking about today, the Grimms Rainbow is fantastic for so very many reasons, but primarily because it’s excellent for open-ended play. Some of the skills and learning opportunities the Grimms rainbow can facilitate include:

  • Colour recognition
  • Sorting & classifying
  • Sequencing
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Spatial awareness
  • Problem solving
  • Focus and concentration
  • Stacking and balancing
  • Counterbalancing
  • Hypothesising
  • Imaginary play
Grimms Rainbow Stack
Grimms rainbow ideas and inspiration…

Grimms Rainbow Ideas and Inspiration

Now I have your interest, are you still wondering how to play with Grimms rainbow? While you could simply hand the rainbow to your child and see what they come up with, it’s probably worth giving them some pointers first and then allowing them to run with it! Also, for older children (cough* adults *cough), some of the more complex structures become challenges in themselves.

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Grimms Montessori Rainbow Play Ideas

Here are some of our favourite Grimm rainbow ideas and structures to attempt with the Grimms 12 piece rainbow…

Grimm's rainbow flamingo.
Grimm's Wooden Toys
Grimm's Rainbow Teddy

100+ More Rainbow Stacker Ideas

Are Grimms Wooden Toys Worth the Additional Cost?

So we’re sold on the product and all the incredible things you can do with the rainbow, but let’s acknowledge the price of these beautiful toys for a moment: they’re not cheap.

Are Grimms wooden toys superior to other similar products, or could you simply buy a less expensive alternative and get the same result?

The simple answer is no. But here’s the fuller answer to really explain why I believe the authentic Grimms rainbow is so worth the investment…

There are several reasons Grimms do it best, and they all come back to the fact that cheaper brands don’t tend to stack as well. And when you’re attempting some of the trickier builds, you really need to be able to depend on them stacking! 

The reason alternatives don’t usually stack as nicely are:

  1. They usually comprise fewer pieces;
  2. They’re usually glossy so don’t have the necessary grip,
  3. They’re often cambered,
  4. The arches are not an ideal height for balancing structures.

Tip: When building, if you have a lovely hard wood floor like we do, be sure to use a rug! This will help prevent the arches from slipping, and will also protect your floor.

Ready to buy the real thing? You can grab yours here:

Classic 12 Piece Rainbow
[Afilliate link.]
10 Piece Sunset Rainbow
[Afilliate link.]
12 Piece Pastel Rainbow
[Afilliate link.]

For even more inspiration check out @grimms_creations on Instagram.

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