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43 Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads – the Best Ideas to Try [2024]

Minimalist bullet journal weekly spreads to inspire your 2024 weekly bujo layouts. If you’re a fan of minimalist style, you’ll love these weekly logs!

Minimalist bullet journal weekly spread | One red and one pick pencil lying on top of a pale pink and white marbled journals.
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Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

A minimalist bullet journal weekly spread is perfect for those busy weeks when being functional is your top priority, but you still want your bujo to look polished. A minimalist style is a great way to help you to:

  • Plan and organise
  • Concentrate on your main goals
  • Easily create clean to-do lists
  • Reduce stress with a simple design
  • Focus on productivity

What is a Bullet Journal Weekly Spread?

A weekly bullet journal spread is the equivalent of a week to view diary.

While a monthly spread can be super useful as an overview of your monthly calendar, a weekly log allows you to plan out your entire week across a double page spread, and it can be set out to incorporate anything that’s important to you.

Typically, you’d create boxes for each day of the week, with separate areas in the space around the weekly log for things like daily tasks and appointments (more on what to include later!).

What is a Minimalist Bullet Journal Spread?

A minimalist spread is bullet journaling in its purest form. It takes the bullet journal system back to its roots, as originally intended when created by founder Ryder Carroll: a simple and methodical organisational tool.

Minimalism is subjective and can be interpreted in different ways, but there are a few ideas that often seem to be associated with a minimalistic and simple bullet journal spread:

  • Simple layout with clean lines.
  • Practical and functional over decorative and elaborate.
  • Monochrome using just black ink, or with minimal use of colors or washi tape.
  • Lots of white space (negative space) on the page.
  • Easy and efficient to create.
Minimalist weekly spread.

Who Makes a Great Bullet Journal Minimalist?

The thing I most love about bullet journaling is that there are so many different creative styles to try according to personal preferences, skill levels, and requirements. With this in mind, minimalist journaling is for everyone.

However, there are some people a minimalist bujo may be particularly well suited to.

Minimalist bullet journal spreads are ideal for anyone who is new to bullet journaling, because with very little effort they can appear beautifully crafted. Likewise if you’re not especially artistic then this style of bujo is also an excellent option for you as simplicity is key.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. You do not have to follow a single theme within your bullet journal

If you want to start out trying a minimalist approach and later switch to florals, rainbows, or any other style – that’s fine! You can have a different scheme for each month or each week if you wish, the idea is to bring joy to your life, not to follow a set or arbitrary rules.

Minimalist weekly spreads bullet journal insiration | A rose gold pen lying on top of a white marble journal.
  1. Your bullet journal will almost certainly evolve.

You may start journaling as a way of being expressing yourself artistically, and later find it’s useful to keep track of your habits, or to brain dump when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You may choose to create a cover page and then use your bujo as a weekly journal comprising a minimal weekly spread only, or you might prefer to include a dedicated monthly log.

As you continue to use your journal over time, you’ll discover what works for your lifestyle and what doesn’t, and adapt accordingly.

  1. You’ll improve!

Practice makes progress, and as you become more proficient you may choose to try bolder styles and choices.

  1. Comparison is the thief of joy.

However you choose to style your bujo, don’t lose sight of the fact that the purpose of your journal is first and foremost a tool. Depending on who you are that tool may be primarily geared towards:

  • Productivity 
  • Organisation
  • Mental health 
  • Personal growth
  • Creativity

Whichever of these applies to you, remember your journal should be a place you turn to for planning or inspiration, and should not become a source of pressure.

How Do You Start a Minimalist Bullet Journal?

If you’re new to bully journaling I highly recommend reading our master post detailing how to bullet journal for beginners. This post walks you through everything you need to know to get started, from the bullet journal key, to ideas and inspiration for your pages, as well as glossary of bujo terms and the index page. 

When it comes to setting up your bujo weekly spreads, I have a few recommendations to help you get started with knowing what to include…

  1. What’s the focus of your journal? What is important to you? 
  2. It may sound obvious, but think about what you want your journal to help you to achieve practically – what’s its purpose?
  3. What is and is not working for you in your journal? How could your weekly spread be redesigned to be more useful?
  4. What important things do you have on in the coming week? Think about appointments, deadlines, birthdays, etc.

Minimalist Bullet Journal Pages to Include in Your Bujo

Popular items to include on a weekly spread might include:

Keep in mind that while weekly spreads typically include boxes for the days of the week, there’s nothing stopping you turning the page and using a fresh double page dedicated to any combination of the above items if it makes sense for you! If you do this for a one week period, that’s technically if not classically still a weekly spread. 

Likewise, if you find that your weekly log doesn’t provide sufficient extra space for everything you need to include in your journal, you may also like to keep a daily log, with a daily spread dedicated to each day of the week.

Essentially, and not to hammer the point, but your layouts simply need to work for you and your lifestyle.

Easy Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Minimalist Style

As I mentioned earlier, a minimalist layout is usually easy to create – but that doesn’t have to mean they’re bland!

It’s totally possible to design simple yet stunning pages using a minimalist theme in your bujo.

Below you’ll find some inspiration from the bullet journal community for creating your own amazing minimalist bullet journal weekly spread.

Note: our guide to easy doodles for your bullet journal will help you to recreate the cute drawings you see in these weekly logs!

43 Minimalist Bullet Journal Ideas and Layout Designs

You may be wondering how you can implement a minimal spread, whilst still injecting an element of personality into your bullet journal.

Well, there are different styles you could try out to achieve this can:

  • Choosing a monochrome theme,
  • Utilising a bold yet simple font for your headers,
  • Using crisp, clean lines with minimal decoration or fuss,
  • Working with muted pastel hues,
  • Sticking to a neutral colour palette.

Let’s take a look at some examples of beautiful minimal bullet journal ideas…

Monochrome Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

A monochrome weekly bujo spread looks polished with very little effort, which is why they're extremely popular with anyone new to bullet journaling!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads Using Striking Fonts

Bold or beautiful fonts can create drama on an otherwise plain spread, with the contrast between the two super impactful!

Botanical Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

A botanical design can achieve a really beautiful spread for your weekly schedule, whilst still remaining relatively simple.

Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads Using (Minimal) Colour

The following bullet journal weekly layout ideas use limited colour to create balance between breathing life into the spreads, while retaining a simple, minimalistic aesthetic.

Minimalistic Bujo Spreads Using Neutral Colour

Finally, a few more creative ways to use neutral tones to bring sophistication to your weekly bullet journal layout.

Best Supplies For a Minimalistic Bullet Journal

What’s the best way to reproduce your favourite designs from above to achieve a minimalistic look in your own bullet journal? 

Here are some of my favourite bullet journal supplies which I recommend for creating striking minimalist weekly spreads:

  • Simple dotted bullet journal notebook

Or print off your own dot grid printable for free!

  • Micron black pen set
  • Stainless steel ruler set in rose gold

Happy journaling!