Around Christmas time I alluded to a surprise present from my husband. Which I may have said I wasn’t a fan of. Oops. So anyway, I hate to say it, but it turned out to be a grower; scroll down for my video review of the very unusual, very extravagant gift: my new Blaze Wear heated coat! (And yes, he was right, it kind of is life changing – but for the record, I maintain an Au Pair would have been more so.)

Do you feel the cold? Perhaps a heated coat could be the answer for you this winter? #heatedcoat #wintercoat

I bought my last coat several years ago. I was about to describe myself as somebody who tends to buy classic items, and then realised that’s a complete lie. I don’t know how I’d classify my style actually because it’s true that I often choose classy classic – yet I’m equally known for my eclectic (and sometimes eccentric) tastes. For example, I just bought a long cat print dress; sounds hideous but I adore it and can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can actually put it on!

But anyway, that coat was classic and so I’ve stuck with it for quite some time. It’s a lovely smart military-style affair, with a beautiful and flattering cut. But though it’s still in great condition and I do still like it, I was beginning to get bored of the same look every year and had begun thinking about a replacement.

However, I don’t rush into these things because I’d prefer to find something I love, perhaps spend a little more and make it last.

Then a few weeks before Christmas my husband started banging on about this life-changing gift and I was curious, but had no idea what it could be. So when I discovered that it was in fact a coat, but in a style that I would ordinarily never buy for myself – and that it was not cheap – I was intensely disappointed. (I know, ingrate.)

Do you feel the cold? Perhaps this could be the answer to keeping you warm this winter! #winter #staywarm #winterclothes #wintercoat

I didn’t even open the box on Christmas Day, instead telling my poor long-suffering hubby it would have to be returned. I tried to be kind about it but he was gutted, and I kind of was too. I felt horrible, but I’d already accidentally told him I didn’t want it before I ever knew what it was (watch the vid below!).

So even if I’d wanted to pretend otherwise, I couldn’t: he knew full-well that I didn’t like it.

And then Boxing Day and a (literally) freezing cold geocaching jaunt came, and between my husband and my (giant) little brother, I was convinced to try it on. So, here’s how I got on with my very unusual, very extravagant Blaze Wear heated coat…

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Blaze Wear Heated Coat Video Review

What do you think? Would you treat yourself to a heated coat?

Update: Why I Don’t Recommend This Brand

Update: This particular model has been a bit of a let down in terms of the battery. It’s not the life, but the connection – after some time you simply can’t switch on the coat any longer. And while I had one battery replaced (after sending off the coat for inspection mid-winter!), the second time it happened I was told it was out of warranty and they won’t help. For this reason I recommend trying an alternative brand, such as this:

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