Last week I shared my tips for getting your Pinterest account up to scratch in order to start driving traffic to your website. In my Boardbooster tutorial, I’m going to go through the details of how to take away the headache which is maintenance, using an incredible resource which helped me to double my traffic in one month.

When the lovely Mim first exalted the virtues of Pinterest, a way of increasing blog traffic apparently so powerful as to sound mythical (except it’s not – it’s totally achievable!) – I had one specific reservation: time. It’s the bane of every blogger’s life – we all want to spend the majority of it creating; after all, that’s why most of us started in the first place. Yet the deeper we go the more of our precious time we realise must be expended on the other nightmare we learn to live with: social media.

So I was aware of what Pinterest was allegedly capable of, but having dabbled and seen very little reward for my efforts, I was reluctant to waste more energy on it that could be better spent elsewhere. Is this dilemma sounding familiar?

After a few months of halfheartedly ‘having a go’, Mim mentioned a new scheduling tool which she’d heard great things about, and which revolutionises Pinterest – but specifically the effort required to successfully utilise the platform. Enter BoardBooster. (As mentioned in my previous post, this is <was> an affiliate link, but I’d have written this post even without it: they are <were> awesome.)

BoardBooster Tutorial: How to Use BoardBooster With Pinterest

I decided to have a little read up on how to use it and essentially, whether it might work for me. And what I discovered persuaded me to give it my best shot before giving up on Pinterest altogether. Except it did work.

BoardBooster Tutorial: How to Use BoardBooster With Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

*** Update: BoardBooster is no longer in existence. *sob* I was genuinely devastated when this happened, and I’ve since had no choice but to make the switch to Tailwind, which I’m still not in love with but seems to be working out okay traffic-wise. Better the devil you know and all that! Anyway, there may still be some helpful advice below, but if you’d prefer to skip straight to a post about Tailwind, check out Abi’s at You Baby Me Mummy here. ***

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Think of BoardBooster as your virtual assistant. You set it tasks, and it goes ahead and completes them for you, just like any scheduler. But this particular scheduler has two secret weapons which make it indispensable (more on these later). First, let’s take a quick look at how scheduling works.

BoardBooster Scheduler

When you access this function, you’re asked to add boards to which you’d like to schedule pins. BoardBooster links to your Pinterest account and picks up each of your boards enabling you to select as many or as few as you wish. You will also be asked to decide on the times between which you want your pins added, and the total number of pins to add to each board in a day.

BoardBooster then creates duplicate boards for those you’ve chosen – but makes them secret.

Are you ready to ramp your blog up a gear? If you want to master Pinterest *and* take the headache out of time-consuming maintenance, you need to learn how to use BoardBooster. This BoardBooster tutorial will help you understand the powerful tools available to schedule to PInterest and increase your blog traffic.

Once you’ve set this up in BoardBooster, you can pin as normal on Pinterest – except you pin in high quantities to your secret boards when you have the time

BoardBooster does the rest.

This may sound complicated, but it takes very little time to get this part of the tool working. And it saves so much time as you’re able to dedicate half an hour to pinning when it suits you, yet you know Pinterest will be receiving a drip-feed of pins at the best possible times across all of your chosen boards!

…So long as you remember to keep your secret boards topped up that is. Or is it?

BoardBooster Looping

It depends actually. I wouldn’t recommend looping until you’re established enough to have a decent number of pins on several of your most popular boards, so I didn’t use this function immediately myself. But once you do have enough that you’re confident your followers won’t notice a high turnover of the same pins, then you can jump on board with this incredibly awesome tool.

Looping is pretty self-explanatory; it basically means that the boards which you choose to loop will repin existing pins from given placements on boards (and at times) that you specify.

Therefore even if your secret boards run dry, you’ll still appear to be ‘active’. Cool, huh?

Admittedly, many say repinning is a no-no and frown upon it, but it’s done me no harm and therefore I’m sticking with it for the time being. In addition, a neat little trick provides you with the option of removing the duplicate with the least interaction after a given time. As far as I’m concerned,there’s really no reason not to.

But BoardBooster has one even better feature…

BoardBooster Campaigns

These are a little more complex to set up, but soooo worth the effort.

Again, as mentioned, repinning may be frowned upon, but it can be so effective! If you have a particular pin you’ve created which you feel is worthy of traction, then you’ll want it to continue popping up in your followers feeds every so often. Read on for how to make that happen…

You will need to choose to which boards you wish to repin, and precisely when. This tool allows you to be painstakingly accurate and you select both the day and time you wish to pin.

It’s crucial to spend some time thinking carefully about this, because the last thing you want to do is saturate your followers’ feeds to the point of irritating them. The key is to spread out your duplicates enough that they go unnoticed.

BoardBooster Tutorial: How to Use BoardBooster With Pinterest

I suggest choosing some group boards as well as your own to include in campaigns, and then set up repins to any fast moving boards more frequently than slow moving ones. For example, if you’re part of a group board which usually gains 50 new pins every day and you pin a specific pin once a week, it will likely go unnoticed; this is good. If a board receives very few new pins and yours crops up continuously, this is bad.

Happily, once you’ve created a particular campaign, you’re able to clone it so you don’t have to start from scratch with the next one.

Also be mindful of staying within the limits of group board rules, ie. many only allow you to pin a certain number of times per day.

Additional BoardBooster Features

There’s more?!

Well, yes…but as I’m yet to try them out myself, I don’t feel qualified to go through them. But in addition to those mentioned above, there are tools to clean up your boards by removing duplicate pins or pins with broken links, and another to move pins with specified criteria. FYI, these are chargeable services, but it’s handy to know they’re available nonetheless.

I hope this tutorial has proved helpful – in which case please remember sharing is caring – and should you have any questions, please drop them in the comments where I’ll be happy to answer.

So, what do you think; are you ready to give my BoardBooster tutorial a try and increase your Pinterest traffic this year?

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  1. Susie at This Is Me Now Reply

    Hi Kate, this does sound do-able, but I really need to sort out my boards first. Quick question, do you need to use tailwind to use board booster too? Or are they separate? Thanks! Susie x

    • Kate Tunstall Reply

      They’re separate. I’m looking into using tailwind as well though! X

  2. Thanks Kate! Super helpful. After reading your post I played around with Board Booster but found it terribly hard to use, and a bit buggy. After some digging I found geniuspin, which kind of feels like Board Booster 2.0 ? *Much* more pleasant to use (and it actually works when I try to use it!). Have you heard of it?
    Granted, it looks to be missing the Campaigns feature of BB. However, scheduling and looping are there (GeniusPin calls looping “Recycling”), and one thing it has over BB is a follow feature that follows people similar to your account. Still early to call it a winner, I’m on the free trial, but I like it a lot so far! ps. Also doing a free trial of Tailwind, but that seems to be a different animal from both BB and GeniusPin.

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