If you’re a woman, you’ve almost certainly worn bras at some point in your lifetime. In which case, you must also know the joy of getting home and removing said bra. Why bother with them at all then? No woman wants to share with the world that both time and (in some cases) pregnancy/nursing have reduced our fun bags to spaniels ears. So we do what we must, and truss them up daily for the good of our colleagues and friends (ain’t nobody wants to see that), and to retain some semblance of dignity and self-respect.

The truth is, unless a woman has resorted to surgery (or has impeccable genes, maybe – I don’t really buy it but I guess it’s possible), then gravity is wicked to us all in the end: bras are a necessary evil.

This is what I believed for almost thirty-three years – but it is not so! Today I want to talk to you about a product I’ve discovered which revolutionises the bra wire and, ultimately, the comfort of a bra.

Could this be the most comfortable bra you'll ever wear? Technically a nursing bra, but so comfortable I'll be wearing mine beyond breastfeeding. Introducing the revolutionary Carriwell gelwire bra.


Carriwell GelWire Bra Review

Whaaaaat? Gel – instead of wire? I know, right? And this bra (available on Amazon) comes in only four sizes. Which immediately made me say ‘Nah’.

But it is a thing, and this thing appears to have magical properties.

Let’s get one small detail out of the way: yes, I’m being compensated to write this. But if you read my reviews on a regular basis then you’ll know this fact does not sway me to be dishonest. (If you like, you can read more about this on my About Me page where I talk about disclosure.)


How Does the Carriwell GelWire Bra Work?

For any ladies who require a little extra support, you’ll know how difficult it can be to find the right bra for the job. I also have a ridiculously small back so have to shop in department stores rather than supermarkets, which never seem to stock my size. Finding a bra which is comfortable, and looks nice, and fits properly to carry out its intended purpose can be a minefield. Especially when breastfeeding.

So how on earth can a bra which comes in only four sizes not only achieve this, but do so stunningly?

The bra is ruched around the cup, meaning it stretches to accommodate the bust – yet the material is firm enough to hold its shape and also support smaller chests.

Carriwell GelWire Bra review

It’s a spectacular piece of engineering.


Carriwell GelWire Bra Review – Fit

Based on my measurements I was sent a medium sized bra which felt perfect, although the under-bust band gaped. I checked the size chart and emailed my contact to advise that I thought I required a size small, which I was subsequently also sent. I was curious to see the difference in fit so I could relay my results and you allow you to really get a feel for how the sizing works…

Firstly, I must have been deliriously sleep-deprived when I looked at the size chart initially, because if anything I should be going up a size, not down. Twit. (But thank you to Carriwell for being polite enough not to point this out to me when I requested the small. I will absolutely make full use of this bra when I stop feeding and return to my normal size!)

The cups in the smaller bra are not quite sufficient for my bust, though the band fitted better. Overall it was less comfortable.

Though the band on the medium size gapes rather than being snug, there’s no loss of support and it’s like putting on a pair of comfy slippers – it’s perfect.

Despite being a div, I actually think my mistake was useful and hopefully it’s helpful for you to know this when you come to sizing for yourself.

Carriwell GelWire Bra review


Why Do I Love the Carriwell GelWire Bra So Much?

As I write, I’m not feeling at my best. Elfin had us up almost continuously until around 4.30am. I don’t know how many hours sleep I got in the end, just that it wasn’t enough. I want to be lazing around without my bra on, as I described above – and yet wearing this bra is actually equally comfortable, or even more so. I never thought it possible.

As well as the clever design of the bra, it has several features which improve its fit and comfort:

  • GelWires

They provide the support of a wire to provide definition – but you can’t feel them! And they can’t break free and stab you in the boob or break your washing machine. Win.

  • Thiiiick Straps

A prerequisite for bigger busts, which is most likely going to apply to all breastfeeding mamas at some point.

  • Seamless Microfibre

The material is firm but supple, and incredibly soft and comfy. The bra also sports differing panels to provide the perfect level of support versus stretch in each area – and all without irritating seams.

Carriwell GelWire Bra review

I was raving about the comfort of the bra to a friend, and she asked me whether Carriwell also sell non-nursing bras. They don’t I’m afraid, because they’re designed with breastfeeding mums in mind. But I told her I’ll 100% continue to wear these bras even when I finish nursing because I love them so much.

I was gifted the products reviewed in this feature (actually I won the bra in a giveaway!) and was compensated for my time. The posts contains an affiliate link.

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