If you’ve been following my IG Stories, you’ll be aware that we’ve recently moved home. One of our top priorities for our new pad is ensuring that the outside space meets the needs of our young brood – including (re) designing a garden for kids. But how to create the perfect family garden? We’ve been asking ourselves precisely what constitutes perfect for us

Designing a Garden for Kids – How to Create the Perfect Family Space

1. Size

Firstly, in order to house all our requirements, the garden should be a good size. But not too big.

The point of a garden is to enjoy being outdoors as a family – not to lose one parent to maintenance every weekend throughout the summer!

And unless you choose artificial turf (which I believe is becoming a popular choice actually) then even just regularly cutting the lawn is a basic necessity. (In our house that’s daddy’s role – because I’m mortified to confess I’ve never cut the lawn in my life! But by no means should that be representative of every family – I want my girls to grow up able to do everything for themselves.)

2. Herb Garden / Vegetable Patch

Which brings us nicely onto ensuring our little ones have a place to dig and plant and grow. I want my girls to get their hands dirty and immerse themselves in nature. I want them to understand how things flourish – or indeed wilt – and what impact their care or neglect has.

It’s a powerful lesson and a relaxed means of teaching responsibility to young children.

Designing a Garden for Kids - Child Holding Carrot

3. Small Plot for the Children

As an extension of the previous point, I’d love to have the space to give the children their very own plot, in which they can take the skills we have (by which I mean daddy has) taught, and apply them. I like to think we’ll be offering them an opportunity to learn and accomplish from a young age, but also to be creative and inspired.

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4. Dedicated Play Area

Of course, gardens are also for having fun! A play area where kicking a ball is allowed is essential. Kids must be allowed to be kids.

5. Dedicated Seating Area

The other garden must-have is a place to kick back and relax with a glass of wine. Which, if we’re in our new home long enough, may be on the cards one day faaaaaar into the future… Because let’s face it – it’s definitely wishful thinking for the foreseeable.

Nonetheless, in my mind’s eye it’s the quintessential family picture.

(Yes, alcohol features in my quintessential family moment; and what?).

Inspiration for creating the perfect family garden to suit the needs of the of the whole family, all year round. Pin it for later! #garden #gardeninspiration #gardenideas

6. Flowers to Encourage Wildlife

Beside the swing chair in our current garden we have some beautiful flowers (I’m not green-fingered, so excuse the lack of knowledge when it comes to Latin any names, but they’re purple). They smell divine – but most importantly for us when we were picking them out at the garden centre – they attract bees and butterflies!

We love the idea of having a draw for creatures that will hopefully mesmerise the girls, and actually I love having them in the garden too. (Wasps on the other hand are about as welcome in our garden as spiders are in our house.)

So that’s how we’ll be designing a garden for kids in order to create the perfect family space according to the Tunstalls; what would you do differently?

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