[Ad] We’ve all become very familiar with the recent symbolic meaning of the rainbow in honour of our wonderful NHS nurses. I know on a personal level how difficult this last year has been for them, and I have nothing but huge admiration and gratitude for all they’ve done. Alongside her career, one inspiring nurse has made an impressive achievement during the pandemic, by creating empowering children’s books too.

Cher Graiden is a senior NHS nursing sister with extensive experience working with terminally ill patients and those with longterm disabilities. As if that were not taxing enough, whilst being deeply involved in the pandemic effort, Cher has also been using her downtime to write uplifting short stories for children too.

Empowering children's books by NHS author.
Empowering children’s books by NHS author.

NHS Nurses Empowering Children’s Books

The author’s proudest work is Eldon the Owl, inspired by the premature arrival of her granddaughter, who has special needs.

When I became aware of Cher’s story I was personally very moved.

Somebody I’m close to works in the same field as Cher, and I’ve seen firsthand the impact COVID has had on her. I’ve also been through the trauma of a premature delivery. And I too have created some books (journals) during the pandemic – no mean feat!

Eldon the Owl

Written for her granddaughter, the motivation for the Eldon the Owl was to share two positive and empowering messages:

  1. That we can achieve anything we put our minds to.
  2. Children grow up and hit milestones at different speeds, and that’s something to embrace rather than to feel intimidated or pressured by.

I was impressed with how beautifully presented this book arrived, and my daughters were delighted!

Eldon the Owl book

The author has also written and illustrated another children’s book focusing on bullying:

Harry Hot Dog

This was Cher’s second book, and inspired her own family life and a specific issue her son had at school. 

Bullying is a subject close to my heart and something I’ve written about extensively in the past, even interviewing a youth expert for tips on how to prevent bullying

Cher says that her son was initially reluctant to talk about the situation, but that with encouragement from the book, he felt able to confide in his dad and accept support from his parents.

Green Bottles

Cher’s most recent book, this time a novel for for adults, is about a young family and their frustrating experiences with social services. The book explores the role and importance of purpose in life, upholding values, and retaining integrity – all concepts which fascinate me enormously.

Gritty follow-up novel, Mint, is also currently in development. This latest book covers the bold topics of the tragedy of suicide, and the bittersweet experiences associated with IVF. 

For more information or to purchase any of the featured books, visit the author’s website here.

An award-nominated blogger and author, Kate is a huge advocate of personal growth, focusing on journaling to increase positivity and facilitate mindful motherhood. With a wealth of experience in breastfeeding and CMPA, Kate is also an expert baby sleep chaser. Her writing has appeared on Mothercare, Huff Post, and BritMums.

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