My Positivity Project Wellbeing Journal


Designed to foster positivity and wellbeing, My Positivity Project is a hybrid of stationery, comprising elements of a book, planner, journal, and notebook, and sprinkled with activities (such as adult colouring pages).

The psychologist-endorsed premium, hardback journal also includes beautiful, vibrant images of nature; inspirational quotes relating to the various sections; an activity to include your loved ones in, to help you create your own personal affirmations; plus 4 small gifts to make you smile.

Emma Kenny, This Morning Resident Psychologist

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The purpose of the planner is to encourage you to think better, live better, and ultimately feel better. This will be achieved through simple mindfulness and journalling exercises (among others), which develop and promote self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-care.


The approaches used are based upon a combination of personal successes and empirical evidence.

If these concepts are new to you then I’m going to show you how you can use specific techniques to gain control over your emotional wellbeing.

Happiness is a choice; positivity is a mindset; gratitude is the path to both.

And if you already practice mindfulness, then the planner can be used as a companion on your ongoing journey: for jotting down thoughts and ideas; for inspiration, encouragement, or whatever you may need in the moment.

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