[Ad] I’m generally a positive person, but that hasn’t come without effort – it’s something I’ve had to work at to achieve, and I continue to do so in order to maintain my wellbeing. Of course, looking after my body goes towards my healthy mindset, too. I do try to eat well and work out regularly, but I won’t pretend to be perfect (I’m definitely not). As part of this collaboration with Cytoplan I took a what vitamins should I take quiz, to help me see how I could be better supporting myself (link below so you can check for yourself!).

Are Supplements Actually Necessary?

My research shows me that in theory, we should be able to get everything we need from a healthy diet. 

But of course life sometimes gets in the way of the perfect diet; winter can get in the way of accessing sufficient sunlight to make our own vitamin D; and – for women especially – it’s easy to become deficient in iron.

During both of my pregnancies I was prescribed iron tablets, so I know this is something that I need to keep an eye on…and yet if I’m honest, with everything going on, it’s just not been a priority. I haven’t checked or even considered that an iron deficiency might be one of the reasons I’ve felt so drained recently. But, while a global pandemic is reasons enough all by itself, this is also a very plausible explanation.

Should I Take Supplements?

Do I have the time (or inclination) to improve my diet beyond what it already is? Right now, nope. I’m doing my best, and frankly I do not feel able to do very much better at the moment. So, a handy  couple of pills containing everything I need to support my health and fill in any gaps left by my sub-par lifestyle whilst juggling work and homeschool? 

Put it this way: hearing from Cytoplan could not have come at a better time.

What Vitamins Should I Take Quiz

If you want to know which supplements may benefit you, try taking this quiz. Check with your GP before taking supplements.

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Who Are Cytoplan?

Cytoplan is owned by charitable organisation, the AIM Foundation, which focuses on issues relating to community wellbeing and provides vital funding for health and nutrition projects both in the UK and overseas. Founded and run by health practitioners, Cytoplan specialise in providing a range of science-based nutritional supplements, which are continually developed according to the latest research for optimally ‘bio-effective’ products.

Are All Vitamin Supplements Equal?

Sadly not. Some are ‘synthetic’, but natural supplements are more desirable for their superiority in terms of absorption. Cytoplan explain it well here:

For the past 31 years we have promoted the philosophy that nutrients are best delivered to the body in the same form as those in food, i.e. in a Food State or food complex. From lone pioneers some 35 years ago, we now sit in a more comfortable position of endorsing established science. Many recent research papers have attested to the safety and effectiveness of nutrients in whole foods, and at the same time highlighted the fact that isolated nutrients very often do not have the same beneficial effect. 

Some 40 years ago, one of our Directors was fortunate to meet with the Directors of a company in America who were the pioneers of a unique range of Food State vitamin and mineral supplements. Food State products are “nutrients which are naturally and beneficially combined with appropriate natural food source materials” and were the first supplements to be sold “complete” with associated food factors and nutrients carriers “essential for absorption and use within the body”. Since that date, we have been selling these products to doctors, scientists and retail customers around the world.


What Makes Cytoplan Different?

Being owned by a charity means Cytoplan is not under the same constraints and commercial pressures as typical businesses are when it comes to making profit; their ethos and philosophy a priority.

This is borne out by the fact that Cytoplan products are used by thousands of health professionals around the world. They choose Cytoplan products because they:

  • Are a trusted brand, built by scientists;
  • Deliver a premium and innovative range of food-based supplements;
  • Encompass Food State and Wholefood vitamins, minerals, multi-formulas and nutrients;
  • Are natural, bio-effective and easily absorbed by the body;
  • Include natural and organic ranges.

Cytoplan sent me their Women’s Health Bundle. As well as their Omega Balance and Women’s Wholefood Multi vitamin and mineral supplement, the bundle also included Acidophilus Plus, a probiotic to support digestive health. 

Cytoplan vitamins flatlay.

Having previously suffered terribly with IBS, I’m very intrigued by the Acidophilus Plus.

How Do Digestive Supplements Work?

By serendipity, just a couple of days I watched a fascinating programme (The Truth About Takeaways, BBC) that talks a lot about gut microbiomes. This is something I’ve always been a little sceptical about – and it totally blew my mind.

Basically, the food we eat dictates what bacteria is in our gut. Bacteria associated with a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fibre is optimal for our health, while the bacteria that comes from a diet of junk food results in sluggishness – physically and mentally. Incredibly, our mental health is also affected by gut microbiome!

The greater the variety (of healthy foods) in our diets, the richer the variation of bacteria in our microbiome, and the better our bodies will function.

(My husband even added to this that he heard on a podcast that the bacteria in our gut ‘talk’ to our bodies at a cellular level, and create cravings for more of the same foods. Obviously I didn’t take him at his word and checked this out. Turns out, it’s true: bacteria control what their hosts eat. Mind. Blown.)

Vitamins on shelf.

If we’re missing out on some of those vital gut bacteria, we’re going to feel it, exhibited as symptoms of IBS – something I suffered with dreadfully for a decade of my life and wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. In the end, I fixed my problems with a strict diet called the low FODMAP diet, which actually kind of supports the above theory, I’d just never thought of it at this molecular level. 

With this in mind, I’m very curious about how Cytpolan’s Acidophilus Plus might have worked for me several years ago. For transparency, I did try a different brand without much luck, but knowing what I do now about ensuring the brand is reputable in terms of the products they sell, perhaps it would have helped me.

I don’t tend to suffer too badly these days, but given my current levels of anxiety, fatigue, and mood swings, I’m hopeful that Cytoplan’s Women’s Health Bundle can help me to feel a little more balanced. 

Supplements should not replace a healthy diet. Check with your GP before taking supplements.

An award-nominated blogger and author, Kate is a huge advocate of personal growth, focusing on journaling to increase positivity and facilitate mindful motherhood. With a wealth of experience in breastfeeding and CMPA, Kate is also an expert baby sleep chaser. Her writing has appeared on Mothercare, Huff Post, and BritMums.

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