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How to Create a Zen Office Space to Maximise Inspiration and Productivity

[Ad] We all want to be productive at work, and the best way to achieve that objective is to be in the most conducive conditions. That means feeling inspired to work hard – but what elements are required for the perfect environment, to encourage those creative juices to flow and your focus to be razor sharp? A sense of peace and calm is critical to your success; here’s how to create a zen office space.

How to Create a Zen Office Space to Maximise Inspiration and Productivity

With more of us than ever working from home, it may not be easy to achieve the ‘perfect’ environment, but there almost certainly some items on this list which can be addressed to make your space more relaxing…


The first thing to consider is your physical comfort; if you don’t feel comfortable you can expect to experience tension, resulting in tight muscles. Over time this can become debilitating, and it can certainly impact focus.

If you’re in a position to do so, investing in a desk of appropriate height and a good office chair are possibly the most significant purchases you can make for your overall wellbeing.


Next, think about the equipment you’re using. Replace anything small and niggly, such as a pen that’s comfortable to write with; buy the wrist rest you’ve wondering about; treat yourself to the cushion that provide our back with additional support.

And while it’s not always possible to acquire the best or newest technology, don’t forget to consider whether resisting is actually a false economy. If you’re making do with outdated software that is costing you time, you may find that an initial outlay will soon pay for itself in hours saved.

Clever Storage 

Next up, consider storage. There’s nothing worse than having important documents with nowhere safe to put them away. This can also assist with the next point on the list…

Office Desk


Clutter is a huge source of distraction.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare room for an office, be sure to keep it clear of anything you don’t need for work. 

And if you only have a small area in a room that has other uses? Keep your desk neat, and tidy away anything not being used for a specific task. Empty mugs and so on can quickly take over if you don’t keep on top of them. 

Colour Palette

Once you’ve addressed all of the practical aspects of comfort in your office, you can move on to the creative ones that can affect your mood.

First think about your goal; for example is it more about inspiration and happy pops of colour?

Sunset Canvas in Reds and Pinks

Or would you prefer to create a tranquil space which reflects calm, warmth, and positivity?

Tranquil Canvas Print
Blue Scenery Canvas Print

Collate a list of the colours you associate with those feelings. Once you’ve selected your preferred colour palette/s, you can think about creating a palette of differing shades and hues of the same colour, vibrant clashing colours, or deep jewel tones depending on the vibe you’re shooting for.

Inspiring Wall Art

Next up, choose the wall art that inspires you. Fine Art America has some lovely collections of framed prints that would work perfectly:

Pink Prints
Black and White Prints

Finishing Touches

Now is time for putting the final touches to your work area. 

If budget allows why not treat yourself to beautiful stationery, some plants to brighten the space and bring some nature indoors, and a radio so that you can enjoy your favourite music while you work? 

If you’re sharing the space, consider headphones too – they may also help to tune out disruptive noise, and further channel your concentration to improve productivity.

The very last thing I like to have around me in my own home office are little personal keepsakes. I have several of my favourite photographs and a couple of special pictures and notes my daughter has given to me. 

Because ultimately, your office should be a reflection of the things that bring you peace and happiness. 

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