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The Best Toys For Curious Kids, With Wicked Uncle

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Curious Kids Are Healthy Kids!

Girl wearing a mustard coloured dress with white sleeves, hunched over grass and looking through a magnifying glass.

Much though a million questions before my first coffee of the day can drive me to distraction, I know that having curious children is actually a good thing. It’s why I’m a big fan of the concept of sensorial Montessori.

I am a big fan of Wicked Uncle.

It shows that they are interested in the world around them, and they’re not going to just accept things as they are. They ask questions (millions of them, as I mentioned), and while doing so they’re constantly learning the art of critical thinking.

With that in mind, I am a big fan of Wicked Uncle because as many of their toys promote this mindset through fun. And that’s something I strongly encourage in my girls.

Cool Toys From Wicked Uncle

When Wicked Uncle reached out to me about collaborating for a review, they suggested a few different themes of toys we might like to choose from.

One of their suggestions was dinosaurs – and I was sold. 

My youngest, known as Elfin on the blog, is currently big into all things dino. I was torn between two products:

An awesome glow in the dark puzzle…

Dinosaur puzzle.

And a cool excavation kit which looked very fun, if somewhat messy!

It makes her feel like a trainee palaeontologist!

Dinosaur skeleton and fossil.

I knew that both of these would hold some appeal for her, so I let her choose between them, and she went for the excavation kit. Honestly, I can’t say I blame her – it makes her feel like a trainee palaeontologist!

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Dino Dig – Wooden Excavation Game

The kit includes: 

  • Cards illustrated with 10 dinosaur skeletons separated into individual shapes, like a puzzle
  • Matching fossil fragments
  • Little coins showing each fossil bone
  • Some sand
  • A little brush tool
  • Magnifying glass

The idea is to pick out the jumbled up fossil fragments hidden in the sand, using the coins to help identify which dinosaurs they’re from, and them match them to the correct card.

Wicked Uncle excavation kit.

Elfin loved picking out the pieces and brushing them off like a proper little professional! 

Tip: Don’t try to hide all of the dinosaur fossils at the same time – there’s not really enough sand, and it can become a bit overwhelming. We’d recommend two or three at a time.
Close up of Wicked Uncle excavation kit brush.

Detective Toolkit – Ten Unsolved Mysteries!

For my eldest, known as Pixie on the blog, I picked out a detective kit from the Adventurer category on the Wicked Uncle site. And although I ran it by her, I already knew that it was the perfect choice for her!

Pixie was most captivated by the cipher wheel.

Click here to check out all the adventure themed gifts available from Wicked Uncle.

Pixie is currently enthralled by anything to do with mysteries and codes, which made this perfect.

Wicked Uncle code cracking detective kit.

The kit comes with:

  • 10 tricky unsolved cases to crack
  • 15 spy challenges
  • Invisible ink
  • Magnifying glass
  • Ink pad
  • Cipher wheel

It’s all packaged really nicely too, in a cool detective’s briefcase in place of a standard game box.

Pixie really enjoyed using the ink pad to create her finger prints, but was most captivated by the cipher wheel.

Wicked Uncle detective kit cipher wheel.
Tip: If the cipher wheel seems not to work, have an adult check the answers in the back – you may not be using it correctly!

We initially thought the code was wrong, which of course defeats the object! But once I was able to see the first correct letter, I was quickly able to establish that we’d misinterpreted the instruction. 

It’s an easy mistake to make, and just as easily fixed! Plus, Pixie understood what we’d done wrong, which was a bonus.

A girl using the Wicked Uncle detective kit magnifying glass.

I actually thought it was a good lesson for her to learn, too – that something can be interpreted two different ways and only one is going to work out.

Who Are Wicked Uncle?

If you’re not already aware of Wicked Uncle, you’re missing out.

It can sometimes be difficult to know what to buy for nieces, nephews, kids’ parties, and even your own children! 

I love that I can easily find toys suitable for a specific age or within a given category.

Wicked Uncle is an excellent choice because not only do they have a fantastic selection of very cool toys for a variety of ages and a wide range of interests, they also allow you to filter through options accordingly.

I love that I can easily find toys suitable for a specific age or within a given category, at the click of a button.

If you’ve not already shopped with Wicked Uncle, why not check them out next time you’re buying a child’s gift?