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The Label I Cannot Stand Being Thrown Around Like Confetti

As a rule, I try these days to spend most of my time in a bubble of positivity. I don’t want drama in my life and I’ve taken great steps to remove it where necessary. I will cut people out of my life, no matter who they are, if they bring nothing but stress or misery. That may sound harsh but it’s not something I do lightly; it’s a painful  ...

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Looking After Your Children’s Teeth With FOREO

FOREO recently invited Pixie and I to a really fun event in London. I had reservations about taking her into town alone, but I’m so glad I did. She was very well-behaved (shocking) and once she got past her shyness, she had a great time at the event. Plus it was for an important campaign: looking after young children’s teeth.  ...

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