[Ad] When I was contacted by Avocado Kids about trialling their kids cooking subscription box, I was curious and quite excited – I’d love to do more cooking with my girls! Usually they’re only interested in baking (I may be partially to blame for their sweet teeth), and I’d love to cultivate an interest in preparing proper healthy, hearty food. I was looking forward to receiving our Avocado Kids review box!

I’ve spoken a few times in the past about how important is to me to instil body positivity and a healthy attitude towards diet in Pixie and Elfin. And as far as I’m concerned this starts with learning about what we put in our bodies. I want them to enjoy everything, in moderation of course, and I want them to feel confident that they can create a wide variety of excellent dishes.

Cooking with kids can be a great way to get your kids interested in healthy eating. This kids cooking subscription is a great way to educate kids about healthy diets.

Avocado Kids Review

Avocado Kids is actually aimed at children from 4 to 12, so Elfin is still a little young, but I wanted to get both girls involved – and I’m really glad I did. She turned three in June, and at this age half a year is a long time, but it wasn’t a problem at all and if anything she ended up being more keen than her big sister who is easily distracted!

What’s in the Box?

This depends on your choice of subscription, because if you go for a 6 or 12 month then you receive a free apron! But otherwise they’re the more or less same and include:

  • 4 x themed, easy to learn recipe cards
  • Shopping list
  • Learn how to grow at home
  • Learn a new skill
  • World map to track the adventure
  • Boarding pass with Spotify cooking playlist
  • Dinner talk conversation starters
  • Creative activities
  • Hours of themed edible education
  • Cultivate kindness card
  • Free apron – that turns into a cape! (Only applicable with 6 & 12 month subscriptions.)
Avocado Kids Apron
Still perfecting how to smile for the camera!

Our box also came with a colourful cheese grater to learn a new skill, and most other boxes will come with a different kitchen utensil (where this is not the case you’ll receive additional activities instead to bring up the box value). Unsurprisingly both the girls were very intrigued by this new item they’d not previously had an opportunity to try out, and I very carefully allowed them to handle it. 

If yours are anything like my two, then the novelty value makes it a great way to get them interested in being involved in the process of cooking!

Tacos Flatlay
We made guacamole and cooked tacos!

What’s the Concept?

Avocado Kids is more than just a subscription box; browsing the site it’s clear to see this is a passion project born from the joy and benefits of cooking with kids. They say:

“Our superfood themed boxes empower your kids to be more confident in the kitchen, help fussy eaters overcome food fears, learn how to grow produce and create more family time in the home.”

Plus their tagline is “cooking is my superpower, my apron is my cape” – and really, who can argue with that?!


What’s Great About Avocado Kids?

Firstly, I found it really helpful to have a single ingredients list to cover all four recipe cards – with two small children this made the trip out to purchase everything required very simple, and I got them involved from this early step.

We loved reviewing Avocado Kids because it very much felt like a complete and really comprehensive kit. In fact there was significantly more than I’d hoped for…

I was really impressed with the level of detail and quality of everything in the box. The colours of the contents are bright and vibrant to hold the attention of little ones, with the apron (I mean cape) being the icing on the cake.

Children Looking at Avocado Kids Box Contents

While the girls happily mashed avocado and squeezed lime wedges, with them still being quite young there was a fair bit I couldn’t allow them to be directly involved in. For example I won’t allow them to use sharp knives or help with cooking on the hob yet. Unfortunately this means there were multiple opportunities to ‘lose’ them – which did happen with Pixie at one point.

But Elfin blew me away with her focus on our activity, and her attention remained largely on task. The ‘extra’ items in the box helped enormously with this.

Child Looking at Avocado Kids Map

While I was busy chopping and working with the hot food, the girls were (mostly!) happy looking at the other bits and pieces in the box and learning about what we were doing, why, and where the food and inspiration for the dishes came from. 

I love that a huge element of Avocado Kids is education, in terms of geography and ingredients.

Child Tasting Lime Wedge

Plus, of course, participating and feeling a part of the process meant the girls actively wanted to try the food they’d helped to prepare, which I’m sure every parent will agree is a massive win! Avocado Kids say it best:

Kids who cook, eat!


Excellent bonuses include:

  • Learn how to grow at home card, to introduce and nurture a love of growing your own food;
  • Cultivate kindness card – because I’m big on kindness;
  • The playlist, relevant to the specific country the dish originates from;
  • The utensil that helps to teach a new skill in the kitchen – as well as building your little Superchef’s personal collection of equipment! 

We loved our Avocado Kids kit. If you’re keen on trying cooking kits for kids then I can’t recommend this one highly enough – plus a subscription is the perfect Christmas gift for avoiding an unmanageable number of toys!

An award-nominated blogger and author, Kate is a huge advocate of personal growth, focusing on journaling to increase positivity and facilitate mindful motherhood. With a wealth of experience in breastfeeding and CMPA, Kate is also an expert baby sleep chaser. Her writing has appeared on Mothercare, Huff Post, and BritMums.

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