I’ll start this post off by saying if you’re a guy, you probably want to skip it. Unless you’re doing research for your partner or daughter (if you’re squeamish just send her the link) – because today, in my latest look at sustainability, I’m talking about the best menstrual cup for a low cervix in my Ziggy menstrual cup review.

I’ve been very fortunate for the last couple of years: I’ve escaped ‘the curse’ for all that time, thanks largely to breastfeeding. Alas, it couldn’t go on forever and as my youngest turned two, so Mother Nature decided we’re ready for another child (she’s wrong, by the way – we’re not).

It’s something I’ve not given any thought to for such a long time – close to three years. Back then I was not particularly environmentally aware, and so at that time I used what I’d always: sanitary products which are really quite unpleasant if you stop to consider their impact on the planet.

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These days I’m making it my personal mission to be informed and do better, and to share my knowledge with others who may be interested. I’m trying to do all of this without coming off like a hippy, and the following sentence will not help that cause, but anyway… I feel like I’ve had a bit of an awakening to sustainability and the environment, and it’s become something I’m very passionate about.

Researching the Best Menstrual Cup for Low Cervix

With that in mind, as soon as Aunt Flo showed up, I immediately began researching menstrual cups (I wrote all about them in my post about whether you should use a menstrual cup if you’d like more information). I took a quiz and ordered the one recommended for me; however upon looking into them further I quickly realised that it still might not be a good option for my anatomy:

I feel like I’m over-sharing but, I have a low cervix.

This means that most cups on the market simply won’t work for me. There are different shapes and sizes available, but being a product that you can’t exactly return because it doesn’t fit(!), I wanted to get it right first time.

Menstruation Cup Sizes - Woman Holding Cup
Typical menstrual cup.

I’ve had problems using tampons in the past for the same reason, and if you find that on removal a used tampon is still freshly white on one side, then you probably do too. Essentially, the tampon is being inserted alongside your cervix, rather than nose to nose, so to speak. It can be a pain, and the idea of something that would work better for me was very appealing.

Feeling disheartened, I kept looking for something that might work for me, and came across the Intimina Ziggy cup; low cervix specific, I cancelled my initial choice and ordered this instead:

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Intimina Ziggy Review – The Menstrual Cup for a Low Cervix

The Intimina Ziggy is unlike any other menstrual cup; in fact, it’s technically not a cup at all. The very great difference between this and other cups on the market is that this device has no stem.

Intimina Ziggy Menstrual Cup for Low Cervix
Intimina Ziggy menstrual cup.

There are pros and cons to this, which I’ll get to, but first I’ll give you a quick rundown of the features of the Ziggy disc…

  • Ideal for high or low cervix;
  • Petal-thin FDA-approved, BPA-free silicone;
  • Leak-proof design;
  • Large capacity for heavier flows;
  • The only menstrual cup you can use during sex!
  • Comes with a handy case

First Impressions of the Intimina Ziggy Menstrual Cup

Right off the bat I’m going to say I was not impressed with the packaging. I’m not a fan of the kind of plastic packaging that requires a sledge hammer to get inside. It took me a good ten minutes with a pair of scissors and a lot of patience to open the box. And I highly doubt any of the packaging is recyclable, which for an environmentally-friendly product, is not the best PR.

My next thought when I finally got through the packaging is that the cup looked flipping MASSIVE.

All those gross jokes about women who’ve had babies went through my mind – how on earth could something that large do its job?? It’s fair to say I was worried about it fitting correctly.

Packaging aside, as menstrual cups go, I have to say it’s quite attractive – I really wanted it to work for me.

The cup is soft and very flexible, the cup is made of ultra-thin silicone, and it’s a vibrant pink. I was hopeful it wouldn’t stain as I’ve heard some cups can…

Intimina Ziggy Menstrual Cup
Intimina Ziggy menstrual cup and case.

My Experience Using the Intimina Ziggy Low Cervix Menstrual Cup

I’ve now used the cup across three periods. It’s not been perfect every time, but I’ve certainly become more adept and had more success with it more recently.


First up, it’s imperative to watch the video about fitting the cup.

All the negative reviews are very clearly from people who’ve not inserted it correctly – I know, because I had a few accidents during my first period. Once you understand the technique, you can perfect it. And once you’ve perfected it, this device is life-changing.

Here’s the video:

So, the correct way to insert the disc is almost the opposite to how we’ve been taught to insert a tampon. Rather than standing with one leg up, it’s critical to sit on the toilet – this ensures the cervix is in the correct position for fitting. Then, instead of aiming it back and up towards your tailbone, you need to aim it back and slightly down.

It takes some getting used to – especially if you’ve previously used tampons. But it’s totally worth persevering.


When it’s in place, you can’t feel a thing. It’s easy to forget you even have your period – except when using the loo! There’s no wiping yourself in the loo and seeing telltale pink – but the pressure caused by the device can make it difficult to empty my bladder.

For that reason I sometimes find myself removing it not necessarily because it needs to be emptied. That said, it’s impossible to say whether others would be affected the same way or if this is personal to my anatomy.

Aside from that, there’s little to say, because it mostly just does what it’s supposed to do!

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Removal and Cleaning

I’m going to be completely frank: it’s not exactly mess-free.

As I mentioned, I’ve never used any other cup, but my understanding is that when taking out a cup by the stem, you simply keep it upright and tip the blood away before reinserting.

The downside to no stem is that unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to remove the device without spillage.

Intimina Ziggy Menstrual Cup for Low Cervix
Intimina Ziggy menstrual cup for low cervix.

And due to the intense suction (apologies in advance for the gross visual), it doesn’t just trickle out – it sort of explodes. Meaning your hand will get covered.

Don’t do this in a public loo unless you have tissues or wipes to hand which can be used to clean up before vacating the stool.

I had thought this issue could be easily overcome by simply emptying in the shower, but it’s not really an option for me, for two reasons. Firstly, because when I’m heavy I need to empty it more regularly; and secondly because the optimum position for correct fitting involves sitting on the toilet.

The completely unique menstrual cup that you can leave in for mess-free sex! #sustainability #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle

Leakage and How to Fix

If the Intimina Ziggy low cervix cup leaks, it’s probably due to one of three issues:

1) It’s not fitted correctly.

There’s a simple, but messy way to check – which I now do every time for peace of mind. Once you’ve inserted the device and are confident it’s in place, simply use your finger to ensure your cervix is covered. If it is and you’re able to comfortably tuck the front rim behind your pubic bone, it will not leak.

Intimina Ziggy Menstrual Cup for Low Cervix
Intimina Ziggy menstrual cup for low cervix.

2) Your cervix is too low at that time for the front rim to adequately tuck behind your pubic bone.

In this case, you’ll likely feel the rim slipping – when correctly positioned, you should be unable to feel anything at all.

3) Your cup needs to be emptied.

Finally, if your disc fills up and needs emptying (perhaps overnight, especially during heavier flow), it may be enough to make the rim slip. When fitted, the Intimina Ziggy forms a vacuum over the cervix, meaning it shouldn’t slip out of place.

In my experience and something to be aware of: it can move out of place if it overfills, and the seal is thereby compromised. (I’m planning to get some period pants to use alongside my cup on heavier days, to act as back up in this scenario. Update: here’s the period pants review if they also interest you!) 

Am I Sold on the Intimina Ziggy?

The short answer is yes, I’m a fan. I think if you understand how it works and you plan for its limitations – which are not many – then it’s a fantastic product.


  • It’s reusable, which means it’s also cheap and has a low impact on the environment;
  • Once you get used to it, it’s fairly easy to use;
  • It can be used with a low cervix – hurrah!
  • You can use it for mess-free period sex, apparently.


  • It can be tricky to master;
  • Due to its ultra-thin design, it needs to be replaced more regularly than other cups;
  • If it spills, it can be extremely messy;
  • Removal is not advised in a public toilet.

Is the Intimina Ziggy the Best Menstrual Cup for Low Cervix?

Well, it’s true I have nothing to compare to. But it works pretty well for me, and given my anatomy I doubt anything else on the market would suit me better.

I personally think you’d be hard push to find a superior alternative.

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If you found this post helpful re Ziggy cups, reviews of other brands may help you to decide which is the best option for you personally. Check out my post here.

An award-nominated blogger and author, Kate is a huge advocate of personal growth, focusing on journaling to increase positivity and facilitate mindful motherhood. With a wealth of experience in breastfeeding and CMPA, Kate is also an expert baby sleep chaser. Her writing has appeared on Mothercare, Huff Post, and BritMums.

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