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CMPA Breastfeeding Diet Tips For Mums Nursing Allergy Babies

Getting a CMPA breastfeeding diet right is fundamental to your baby’s health once you’ve received a diagnosis and/or confirmed symptoms of CMPA in your baby

CMPA Breastfeeding Tips to Support and Reassure You

What does a CMPA breastfeeding diet look like? Image shows a mother nursing her infant.
Here’s everything you need to know about health, confirming CMPA, the diet you’ll want to consider, and treats you can continue to enjoy!

Please note the advice in this post is not intended to replace the medical advice of a qualified healthcare professional.

Moving to a CMPA Breastfeeding Diet

Navigating the right way to do things without cutting out food groups unnecessarily can be a really daunting task, but having lived this situation I want to help you to feel confident that:

  1. You’re doing the right thing,
  2. You absolutely can do this.
CMPA diet for breastfeeding - pin

One of the first things you may want to know the answer to is whether breastfeeding when your baby has an allergy is actually the best option for them (and you).

CMPA Breastfeeding Diet Tips For Mums of Allergy Babies

Nursing a baby with allergies is definitely possible – but it will (ideally) mean some changes to your diet.

Tip: when I shopped for them, all Betty Crocker products were accidentally dairy free!

However, note that one thing you’ll come to learn is the importance of checking every ingredient list every time, because they can and do change without notice or anything to alert you to the fact.