The average cost of a UK wedding has soared to nearly £21k – yes really, nearly TWENTY-ONE THOUSAND ENGLISH POUNDS. Or, if you measure cost in the same currency as me, a helluva lot of skinny caramel lattes (approximately 7,500).

That makes for some pretty dismal reading if you’re planning your wedding right now. It’s almost a cruel irony having finally got that (expensive) ring on your finger – a few quick sums is all it takes to establish that actually, unless you take out a small mortgage, no, you cannot afford a wedding to rival the Duchess of Cambridge. Nor, sadly, to do justice to your lifelong fairytale fantasy: what once was a museful illusion dissolves into a pipe dream delusion.


How to (Drastically) Cut Wedding Costs

So what ruthless tricks are available to you to ensure you can still achieve a thrifty version of your much longed-for day, without turning it into a parody of your quintessential wedding? Can it be done? Where there’s ‘I will’, there’s a way…


  1. The Venue

If you are the super-organised type and are flexible in terms of decoration and design – and most importantly date – you can get an incredible bargain by grabbing a late deal. However, when I said ruthless I wasn’t joking – chances are you will be benefitting from the misery of a broken engagement. If you can live with that, you can clinch an absolute winner. Alternatively, consider off-peak dates and days of the week for lower prices, or a dusk wedding and skip the wedding breakfast to save megabucks.

Slash Your Wedding Costs


  1. The Country

Whilst we’re on the subject of ruthlessness, you could always consider a destination wedding. Like for like, this option can dramatically cut costs. Popular countries to consider are Italy, Croatia and Las Vegas, but there are many other fab alternatives. This one may upset some friends or family who are unable to cover the expense to be there. This could work in your favour too, of course. #justsaying


  1. The Guestlist

The biggest expense at a wedding is the fact that you are covering the cost of an expensive meal for a considerable number of people. Can you see where I’m going with this one? (Clue: there’s a bit of a running theme…) It’s simple maths: cut numbers, cut costs.


  1. The Gift List

It is becoming more and more common to use a cheeky little ditty to ‘invite’ your guests to bestow cash upon you as opposed to gifts. With the majority of couples having already set up home together these days, gifts are a lovely-but-superfluous irony. The monies spent on those extravagances, however? Yes, that would come in extremely handy to offset the ginormous cost of your honeymoon or wedding dress. Presumptuous? Yes. Acceptable? Also yes – more so if you’ve not been ruthless per the above three suggestions! Lots of people do this now and it is becoming the norm.

For more hints and tips, check out my timeline for planning your wedding month by month; or perhaps you need some help dealing with certain family members in the wedding party?

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