When you tie the knot, everything goes into the wedding planning. But of all aspects, probably the most important is getting The Dress right. We put our heart and soul (and a portion of our life savings) into ensuring it is absolutely perfect; all for just a few precious hours’ wear. But what options are there for afterwards? You can repurpose! Wedding dress ideas for after the event might seem overwhelming, but there are some lovely ways to to respect and honour your beautiful gown.

Just bear in mind that unless you’re Phoebe or Monica, it is not cool to wear it around the house following your Big Day.

So, rather than the inevitably of your cherished dress being destined to gather dust in the loft, what are the alternatives? Here are eight ideas for your wedding dress after the event…

Repurpose Wedding Dress Ideas for After the Ceremony

1. Sell It

It was an extortionate price. If you’re not too sentimental about keeping the tangible dress (come on, that’s what you’re extortionate wedding album is for!), selling your frock will recoup some of that steep cost.

2. Donate It

If you’re in the fortunate position of your wedding not having left you broke, this is the altruistic alternative to selling. Dig deep and pay it forward.

3. Dye Your Wedding Dress and Wear It Again (Style Dependent)

As the heading suggests, this option does not really work for an eight metre train or a hoop underskirt. Unless you’re attending a fancy-dress party perhaps. But if you wore a simple sheath-style, there’s no reason why you couldn’t customise your frock and keep it for special occasions.

4. Have It Altered

Similarly, changing the length could also work. Doing both would probably give the best result. After all, while it’s a lovely idea to be able to wear your wedding gown again, the look you are definitely *not* trying to achieve is that you’re wearing your wedding gown again…

Just to be clear, attending a wedding as a guest and attracting whisperings, or indeed direct questions, as to whether you’re in your old bridal robe is a bit of a faux pas.

However, if you tell people and they gasp delightedly, you’ve totally nailed it.

5. Have It Made into Christening Wear

If you plan on one day having a child Christened, this is a charming and traditional way to reuse your precious garment.

Repurpose Wedding Dress - Father of the Bride Linking Arms With Bride

6. Save Your Wedding Dress for Your Daughter

Of course, there’s every possibility it will not stand the test of time (in terms of fashion, if not condition). But I personally think the idea of wearing your mother’s wedding gown is very special – presuming it was a happy union of course!

7. Adapt It into Soft Furnishings for Your Boudoir

This could make a cute project, or if you’re not that way inclined you could hire a pro. Either way, a throw, cushions, or curtains would make a beautiful tribute to be treasured throughout your marriage.

8. Trash the Dress Photoshoot

Finally, if you can face actively destroying it, could there be a more awesome send-off for the most cherished keepsake from your nuptials?! (Works especially well if already sporting evidence of the reception in the form of the odd red wine stain.)

8 ideas to repurpose your wedding dress after your big day!

Even more memories captured on film, and another opportunity to wear it one last time – bonus!

There you have it – eight things you can do with your wedding gown. Would you consider any other above, or are you not brave enough to say goodbye and repurpose? Wedding dress ideas for after your big day can leave with you a wonderful item or photographs to cherish if you’re willing to take the plunge!

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