It is becoming more and more common to buck tradition and do things your way on your big day. This may mean having a best woman/man of honour, or ignoring wedding etiquette when it comes to the head table. Or perhaps in extreme circumstances, eloping on the sly – without letting slip even to your families! But should you make a bride’s speech?

It’s no longer considered bad form (not by those who count, at any rate) to do things on your own terms. It’s cool even. So whilst planning your nuptials, think outside the box. One of the customs that is most fun to thwart has got to be the (previously) unorthodox bridal speech.


Should You Make a Bride’s Speech?

Here are some reasons that you should seriously consider finding your voice:

1. To Love, Honour, and Make Hay

Marriage no longer has such outdated connotations as women obeying their husbands – heck, the vows have even been revised accordingly. Pour scorn on being the mute female and instead do your bit for feminism!


2. Romance

You know your husband-to-be has a beautiful speech planned. You know he’s going to make you cry (read: ruin your [expensive/impeccable/impossible to imitate] make-up). This is your opportunity to get your own back say some nice words too.


3. Ditto Your Father

Ditto your father.


4. Two Birds, One Stone

Mind you, you’d also like the opportunity to thank your mum. And your parents-in-law, for producing such a fine specimen of a man. Then there’s your best friend. And not forgetting your loyal dog of course. Hmmm, on second thoughts, maybe best to avoid doing a Gwyneth…

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Actually, while we’re at it, here’s an opportunity to dodge another post-wedding ritual: thank you cards. (Is this acceptable? Perhaps a subject for a different post.)

Bridal Speech


5. Retribution

You just know the best man is going to mortify your new husband. This is your chance to get pre-emptive revenge…


6. Justice

It’s also the perfect place to make a tongue-in-cheek joke about that family member who saw fit to make your wedding day about them! (Let’s face it, you’ll get away with *almost* anything today. Come tomorrow, the moment will have passed – but you’ll still be seething if you’ve kept your mouth shut.)


7. The ‘Faux-Jest’

Something you need to get off your chest? It’s the perfect moment to pretend-joke to all of your guests that questions about when you’re going to start a family are now acceptable.

(Hint: they’re still not; they never will be. DON’T INTRUDE.)


8. Fifteen Minutes of Fame

There will never be another event quite like this: all eyes will be on you, for all the right reasons.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be thinking: ‘Hurrah! For once – it’s not because my jumper is inside out/tights are laddered/make-up is smeared!’ *fist-bumps nearest person*

No? Ohhh-kaaay, maybe that’s just me… *cringes*

Where was I? Ah yes – you will be surrounded by your favourite people. It will feel a bit magical and, if you don’t make use of it, it will be a rather tremendous missed opportunity.

Give a speech – you’ll basically feel like the Queen. Kind of…superior almost. I think everyone should experience that once in their lifetime.

What do you think – should you make a bride’s speech? If you’re considering breaking with tradition, is this the one to veto, or have chosen something different to rebel against? If you’re planning to make a speech – or indeed, if you have already done so – what did you include? Did any of the above ideas feature in your decision or your words? And most importantly, were your guests receptive? Please comment below, I’d love to hear about your experiences.




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  1. Love this! I did a speech at my wedding, mainly just saying how awesome my husband is and how happy I was to be joining their family. I talk a lot so it just didn’t make sense to let everyone else do the speeches and sit there mutely!!

    • Kate Reply

      That’s lovely, good for you! In hindsight I’m sort of surprised I didn’t make a speech, but I was happy to just kick back and relax on the day.

      Thanks for commenting x

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