[Ad / gifted products.] Never was there a time more apt than right now, for focusing on positivity, wellbeing, and self-care. It seems like the world is a little bit (or maybe a lot) broken, and all we can do is keep forging ahead whilst taking care of our needs as far as possible. This will mean different things to different people depending on individual circumstances, but mindfulness gifts are accessible to all, and should be at the top of everybody’s lists this year.

Whether you’re looking for lovely positive stocking fillers, mindful activities for the kids, or journals to promote good mental health (for you and the kids) – there’s something for everyone here.

I’ve also included a couple of bigger ticket items, just in case, because treating yourself (or leaving this post open for a significant other to treat you) also counts as self-care.

Positivity and Mindfulness Gifts For Kids

Some really gorgeous items to promote positivity and wellbeing in our little ones…

Letterbox Anxiety Mindfulness Craft Kit, from The Breathing Buddy

This letterbox kit is really, truly lovely.

I adore the simplicity of the crafts and the way it has all been put together. Because it’s a small business, it’s not overly commercialised in terms of packaging or items – it all feels very authentic, and the concepts – both individually for each craft, and in its entirety as a product – are wonderful.

Breathing Buddy Mindful Craft Kit

There are six different crafts to complete and almost everything is included in the kit, even down to a glue stick. The kit is intended for one child, but I had my girls working together on some tasks, or broke crafts up into two so they could both get involved – and they’ve absolutely loved it, asking me daily to do more!

But of course the best bit about this kit is that every craft is designed with mindfulness and powerful, positive lessons in mind. The idea that I’m equipping my girls with valuable tools to ensure their wellbeing while they’er having fun is the icing on the cake. I’m secretly hoping Kelly will create more boxes…

Available from The Breathing Buddy, for £19.99. Enter below to win one of these fabulous kits!

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Pack of Positivity, from Gibson’s Games

Bright, vibrant cards featuring fun illustrations and cute/quirky messages of positivity. A great stocking filler for anyone who needs a little lift!

Pack of Positivity Playing Cards
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My First Happy Journal, Refined Prose

My First Happy Journal

Full of positive writing prompts, blank spaces to fill, and pictures to colour, this journal was created to foster positivity and wellbeing in our children.

Wellbeing Journal For Kids
Wellbeing Journal For Kids

Now available as free printables from the resources library!

Peppa Grow & Play

Sow seeds, nurture the seedlings, and watch them grow! With a Peppa figure included, of course.

Peppa Pig Grower

There are four to collect, comprising Peppa in a yellow pot, George in blue, Rebecca Rabbit in pink, and Suzy Sheep in purple.

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Create Your Own Calm, by Becky Goddard-Hill

A gorgeous book brimful of positive activities to help children understand their feelings and learn skills that will serve them for life, by combatting stress, anxiety and anger.

Create Your Own Calm Book

This wonderful book couldn’t have come at a better time, for our family, and for our broken world.

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Self-Care and Mindfulness Gifts For Grown Ups

Giftset of 8 Flower Essences, from Saskia’s Flower Essences

For anyone passionate about natural healing, this beautiful gift set of flower essences might just be the perfect gift. This set of eight different essences comprises:

  • Breathe Deep, Seek Peace – for winding down and letting go;
  • Calm and Confidence – for help with challenging situations;
  • Emotional Relief – for when life is just too much;
  • Focus, Energise, Create – for when you need to just get on with it;
  • Sexy and Gorgeous – for when you want to sparkle;
  • Shock Release – for relief from panic and trauma;
  • Speaking With Confidence – for improving communication;
  • Strength and Support – for when you need hope.
Saskia's Flower Essences

Each essence is designed with a specific purpose in mind, from calming, to creating focus, to increasing confidence. Find out more about flower essences here.

Available from Saskia’s Flower Essences for £64. Fancy winning a set? Simply enter below!

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Jewellery, by KelZo

Gorgeously presented, these handmade pieces from our Transitional Life’s new shop are funky, vibrant, and bold.

If you don’t already know Kelly and Zoe, they’re fabulous ladies, ‘challenging society’s misconceptions, one day at a time’, and they donate 20% profits from their Pride collection to their chosen LGBTQ charity.

Available at KelZo, from £6 – or less in their current sale – don’t miss out!

Yoga leggings, from Love Leggings

Because working out is vital for wellbeing.

When I first collaborated with Love Leggings for running leggings, I was impressed. Now that I’ve tried another range, I’m sold.

If you think all leggings are made equal, then I promise you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. The difference between the yoga and running leggings is more than you might think, but in the most perfect way.

Love Leggings Yoga Leggings

These are still supportive, but without being at all restrictive – ideal for when you need that little bit more flexibility. I can totally see myself sliding into wearing these for way more than just working out – they’re that comfy.

Available from Love Leggings, £28 (currently on sale for Black Friday!)

Fancy winning a pair of your own? Simply enter below!

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Sensilift, from Sensica

With the unpredictability of lockdowns, if you’re missing your self-care pamper time then now is the perfect time to invest in a solution – why not consider an at-home treatment? Having this product to hand is almost the same as visiting a salon for a facial!

Sensica Sensilift

Using DRF (Dynamic Radio Frequency) technology to stimulate collagen production, Sensilift is clinically proven, non-invasive and pain free, and offers long term results:

Visibly reduced wrinkles and younger looking skin!

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My Positivity Project, Refined Prose

Created during lockdown to offer support to promote wellbeing and positivity for anyone struggling with their mental health, this is a hybrid between a book and a guided journal.

Mindfulness Gifts - My Positivity Project Positivity and Wellbeing Journal

The purpose of the planner is to encourage you to think better, live better, and ultimately feel better. This is achieved through simple mindfulness and journaling exercises (among others), which develop and promote self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-care.

The journal includes:

  • Exercises to promote wellbeing and positivity,
  • Gratitude lists,
  • Colouring pages,
  • Beautiful colourful pages featuring positive quotes.
Mindful Journaling

Now available as free printables from the resources library!

Moon Swings Gift Box, from Our Remedy

Described as a ‘hug in a box’, this lovely gift set is perfect for a close friend or sister to let them know you care.

Our Remedy CBD Oil and Gift Box

In the box:

  • Organic pads and tampons
  • Vegan chocolate bar from Prodigy
  • Mindfullness colouring page
  • Handmade vegan soap
  • Our Remedy’s award-winning Moon Swings CBD oil
  • All packaged in recyclable, compostable and biodegradable

Available from Our Remedy, from £31.99.

Terracotta Seed Sprouter, from Fred Aldous

When it comes to mindfulness, is there anything more powerful than nature? Perhaps watching it in all its simple yet majestic glory…

Fred Aldous Terracotta Seed Sprouter

Available from Fred Aldous, £17.50.

A Stunning Personalised Necklace, from Monica Vinader

If your better half is looking to treat you and you’re wondering what the perfect self-care gift is, it has to be this beauty:

Monica Vinader Personalised Necklace

Available in many different variations, the charms can be selected to your taste, as can the colour and style of the chain. Many charms can also be engraved and have earrings, bracelets, and rings to match.

Available from Monica Vinader, this necklace cost around £310 in the Black Friday sale (paid for myself).

Positivity and Wellbeing Gift For You and Your Little One

I was previously sent this book as part of a collaboration and Pixie and I still love taking the time to colour beside each other. It contains beautiful pictures, with one side of the image being simple for a child, and the other more complex for the parent.

Such a fabulous way to connect, in a very relaxed way; the perfect mindfulness and self-care gift to enjoy together.

Colour With Me Colouring Book
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I hope this has given you some new ideas for mindfulness gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Have a wonderful Christmas!

An award-nominated blogger and author, Kate is a huge advocate of personal growth, focusing on journaling to increase positivity and facilitate mindful motherhood. With a wealth of experience in breastfeeding and CMPA, Kate is also an expert baby sleep chaser. Her writing has appeared on Mothercare, Huff Post, and BritMums.

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