During my first pregnancy I was repeatedly measured as having a small baby bump and was eventually induced early due to Pixie’s failure to thrive. However, after my first growth scan came back okay, I became a little complacent: whereas I’d previously found myself worrying about normal pregnancy bump size or average baby bump size, and whether I fit into those parameters, the concern suddenly left me. And that, of course, was when things got serious…

Have you been told your bump is measuring too small or too big? Do you have concerns about whether your baby bump is the right size, the normal size, or a healthy size? Check out this post to see the normal range.

I’ve recently written about my experience during both pregnancies and the Grow Programme on which I’ve been placed this time, as a precautionary measure. I’ve been quite overwhelmed by the response, and the various conversations I’ve had have really got me thinking… Essentially, they’ve made me realise just how very vast the differences in baby bump size are woman to woman, and pregnancy to pregnancy. I’m not talking a subtle variance – it’s enormous.

I discovered this after asking some fellow bloggers to share their photos with me. I was amazed, fascinated and awed at what I saw, both in terms of baby bump size and shape.

Have you been told your bump is measuring small? Do you have concerns about whether your baby bump is the right size, the normal size, or a healthy size? Check out this post to see the normal range.

Normal Pregnancy Bump Size and Shape?

There’s no such thing!

The shots I saw really illustrate that there is no ‘normal’ or average bump size when it comes to our babies:

Normal pregnancy bump size

L-R: Mummy in a Tutu – taken at 34+3 and baby born 34+5 at 5lb 9oz; The Mummy Adventure – taken at 38 weeks and baby born 39+3 at 7lb 13oz; Something About Baby – taken at 40+5 and baby born 40+11 at 10lb 3oz.

Normal pregnancy bump size

L – R: Family Fever taken at 35 weeks and baby a few days later at 6lb 4oz; Dear Mummy Bear – taken at 37+2 and baby born 37+5 at 6lb4.5oz; Miracle Max – taken at 30 weeks and baby born 39 weeks at 7lb exactly.

Normal Pregnancy bump size

L – R: The UnNatural Mother – taken at 40 weeks and baby born 40+4 at 7lb 6oz; Mummy to Dex – taken at 39 weeks and baby born 39+6 at 8lb 3oz; Lauren Foster – taken at 40+9 and baby born 40+10 at 9lb 5oz.

Normal Pregnancy bump size

L – R: Gemma Bussey – taken at 37 weeks and baby born 39+3 at 7lb 1oz; Gorgeous George’s Mama – taken at 38 weeks and baby born 40+6 at 7lb 12oz; Hannah Spannah – taken at 39+3 and baby born 3 hours later at 8lb 2oz.

Normal Pregnancy bump size

L – R: Sprog on the Tyne – taken at 38+5 and baby born 39 weeks at 7lb 11oz; Me, Him, the dog and a baby! – taken at 34+5 and baby born 36+4 at 4lb 8oz; Tattooed Tealady – taken at 40+5 and baby born 42 weeks at 8lb 8oz.

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Naturally given my own experience I absolutely advocate following any guidance from your midwife regarding additional scans etc, but equally until you know something is not right with pregnancy bump shapes or sizes, there’s no point jumping to conclusions or assuming the worst. After weeks of believing my second baby would be another tiny one, I’m now looking forward to the birth of a healthy-sized little one – whilst remaining mindful that there are no guarantees!

Update: Elfin arrived at exactly 39 weeks and 7lb on the nose in the most perfect delivery, which was incredibly healing following the trauma of my first. This photo shows my normal baby bump size, taken one week before she was born:

Pregnancy Woman
Excuse the grainy quality, but this is a pretty normal pregnancy bump size – they all are!

Are you surprised by the difference in baby bump shapes and sizes here?


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  1. Something About Baby Reply

    This is such a great post – can’t believe how much the bump shapes and sizes vary goven the size of the babies. I still maintain that I wasn’t huge considering the size of my baby! Thanks for including my shot 🙂

  2. Gorgeousgsmama Reply

    So glad that your second bubba is measuring a reassuring size. For your piece of mind and to help you enjoy your pregnancy more than anything.

    There’s something about baby’s bumps that just fascinate me. I’m that person that’s always staring. I just love em. I love this post. It starts off looking like he snaller the baby the larger the bump but then seems to even out.

    Thanks so much for including me. And best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy ?

    • Thanks so much! They fascinate me so much too. Hopefully people don’t object to the looks, haha!

      Thanks for taking part!

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