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121 Inspired Sunday Affirmations to Prepare For a Positive Week

Sunday affirmations are a powerful tool to set yourself up for a positive and productive week ahead. This list is sure to prepare and inspire you for success.

The Value of Positive Affirmations

Sunday affirmations | A notebook with an affirmation written across the top of the page in gold lies open on a cream coloured blanket, with a yellow pen on top of it.

When utilised correctly, positive affirmations are a really good way to disrupt a negative cycle of thoughts which may manifest otherwise be self-sabotaging.

Using affirmations (properly) is a great way to end your week on a positive note, and start the next one on the right foot.

To ensure you’re using affirmations in the best way, I recommend reading this post about manifestation affirmations, which explains exactly how they work according to science.

The upshot is that, while affirmations can’t manifest the perfect day for you, what they can do is rewire the subconscious mind to default to a more positive attitude.

Which sounds incredible in the truest meaning of the word, yet it’s completely true1. Using affirmations (properly) is a great way to end your week on a positive note, and start the next one on the right foot.

Affirmations become your inner voice, drowning out and eventually replacing any negative self-talk.

So why not give yourself the best chance of enjoying a wonderful day on Monday, by practicing a few Sunday blessings in the form of affirmations?

How to Use Sunday Affirmations

  1. Use the following positive statements as they are, or as inspiration to create your own.
  2. Choose two or three affirmations which really strike a chord with you.
  3. You can practice your affirmations whilst journaling or, if you prefer, try repeating them out loud like a mantra.
  4. To begin with, aim to recite or write out your affirmations daily, for around five minutes.
  5. If you prefer to chant your affirmations, you can do this during meditation, or even whilst showering or in the car.
  6. The important thing is that you remember to practice your affirmations regularly and frequently enough that over time, they become your inner voice, drowning out and eventually replacing any negative self-talk around Sunday anxieties.
  7. You may like to print out your affirmations and stick them somewhere conspicuous as a reminder.
  8. Assess your progress after a couple of weeks. If you feel that you’ve realised your goal and achieved a positive shift in your outlook or perspective, introduce new affirmations to your practice, alongside or to replace the original few.
  9. Use the positive statements below, or have a go at creating your own affirmations.
  10. Enjoy the benefits of practicing affirmations!

Sunday Morning Affirmations to Inspire Positivity

  1. Sunday mornings mean lazy mornings.
  2. Positivity shines out of me like sunbeams!
  3. Sundays are glorious days to be filled with passion projects and wholesome food!
  4. Sundays are made for fun days.
  5. Today, I’m choosing positivity and gratitude.
  6. I am grateful for the past week.
  7. Sundays are the day of the week I set aside just for myself.
  8. I radiate positive light and energy!
  9. I view all areas of my life with a positive mindset.
  10. I reserve Sundays for the best people in my life, who fill my cup.
  11. Sunday mornings are for catching up on sleep.
  1. My mind is full of positive thoughts about the week ahead.
  2. On Sundays I prioritise doing the things that bring me joy.
A woman stands in an office decorated in pale pastel colours, holding a notebook with her pen poised.
  1. Today feels like a good day!
  2. I feel positive about how this day will go.
  3. I exude positive energy!
  4. I am looking forward to my day.
  5. I have an amazing bunch of friends who I really value.
  6. Today is a yes day and I’m going to embrace it all!
  7. Waking up on beautiful Sunday mornings with the sun streaming through the curtains is one of the best moments of my week.
  8. I have a positive and optimistic attitude.
  9. I’m excited to see what the day brings!
  10. Sundays make up one-seventh of my life, so I’m going to enjoy them!
  1. I will find the silver lining in everything today.
  2. I have so many things to be grateful for.
  3. I have a positive frame of mind today.
  4. I choose to give the benefit of the doubt to others, and to myself.
  5. Today I will nourish my mind, body, and soul.

Positive Sunday Affirmations to Promote a Calm Life

  1. Today I will practice self-care.
  2. Sunday is my day of rest.
  3. Today I will make time to pause, breathe, and embrace the calm.
  4. Sundays are the day I choose to be completely at peace.
  5. Today I will visit my happy place.
  6. I make the best decisions when I’m calm.
  7. Today is a great day to spend some spare time outside in nature.
  8. I am filled with serenity and joy.
  9. I handle stress with composure.
  10. With a calm and focused mindset, I can achieve my goals.
  11. Today I will practice yoga to help my mind and body achieve calmness.
  12. I love using my Sundays as a great opportunity to slow down and rest.
  13. I choose to remain calm even in stressful situations.
  14. Today I inhale calm and exhale stress.
  1. I’ve worked hard all week and today I deserve to relax.
  2. I embody calmness and serenity.
Reading affirmations | A woman sits by a window with an open notebook in her hands, as if practicing affirmations.
  1. Calmness is a superpower I possess.
  2. I use calming strategies to evade overwhelm.
  3. My mind is calm and I am at peace.
  4. I’m at my best when I’m calm.
  5. I will practice breathwork and use deep breaths to achieve calmness and clarity.
  6. Having a relaxed body helps me to achieve a calm mind.
  7. I feel centred and serene.
  8. I can take my time to maintain my composure.
  9. I actively work on my own peace of mind.
  10. I am calm, composed, and trust in my own judgement.

Sunday Night Affirmations For a Productive Week Ahead

  1. On Sundays I do whatever I need to feel recharged and reinvigorated for the coming week.
  2. I am at peace with whatever challenges the week may bring.
  3. I am organised for my week.
  1. My positive can-do attitude is one of my best qualities.
  2. I am the master of my free will and destiny. 
  3. I am so ready to tackle the week ahead.
  4. Sunday nights are for whatever I need to replenish my energy reserves.
  5. I feel clear about what I need to achieve this week.
  6. My efforts to be organised have set me up for a great week ahead!
  7. I will focus on finding solutions this week.
  8. I will keep track of my goals this week.
  9. I have a proven track record.
  10. I’m eager to learn new things.
  11. I am focused on my goals and what I need to do to achieve them.
  12. I take breaks when I need them.
  13. I am optimistic about the coming week.
  14. I trust that I can take on and meet any challenges this week may bring.
  15. This week I will make myself indispensable.
  1. Every Monday is a new opportunity to shine.
  2. I am currently the smartest and most competent I have ever been.
  3. I’m looking forward to a fun week!
  4. I have complete and firm faith in my abilities.
Writing affirmations | A woman sits at a desk writing affirmations. There's a pot plant in the background on a wooden stool.
  1. I have original and valuable ideas.
  2. My confidence in myself is a result of my achievements.
  3. I never give up until I find a solution.
  4. I don’t fail; I learn and improve.
  5. I am focused and attentive when it counts.
  6. My mind is clear and alert.
  7. I am curious.
  8. I am prepared and ready for the week ahead.

Monday Morning New Week Affirmations to Motivate and Flourish 

  1. I feel positive about the week ahead.
  2. I have good vibes for the coming week.
  1. I can do hard things.
  2. This week, I choose to excel!
  3. I do my best and inspire my colleagues to do the same.
  4. Whatever happens next week, I will handle it with dignity and poise.
  5. I am an expert in my field.
  6. My confidence grows daily.
  7. I can do anything I set my mind to.
  8. This week, I’m going to shine!
  9. I am the best placed person to do my job.
  10. I am grateful for the coming week.
  11. I am grateful for my grasp of the knowledge relating to my field of work.
A notebook lays open on a desk with a pen on top of it. There's a white mug in the foreground and a plant in the background.
  1. I am eager to prove my value this week!
  2. I keep going until I achieve my objective.
  3. I always persevere and therefore I will succeed.
  4. I can focus easily.
  5. I envisage a triumphant week!
  6. I can handle stressful situations.
  7. My hard work and dedication will help me accomplish my goals.
  8. My work and my time are valuable.
  9. My commitment and drive create great opportunities. 
  10. I am in control of my own destiny.
  11. I deserve success and will work diligently towards it.
  12. I have the power to influence my feelings about the upcoming week.
  13. I will start my new week refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready.
  14. I’m always willing to work hard to achieve my goals.
  1. I am motivated to excel and become a better person.
  2. I know precisely how to proceed.
  3. I deserve good things, I expect good things, and I will make good things happen.
  4. I can handle any challenge that comes my way.
  5. I relish in finding solutions to problems.
  6. I have courage and strength.
  7. I will persist.
  8. I’m motivated to achieve the best results. 
  9. I find my work fascinating.
  10. I deserve to succeed.

Using Powerful Sunday Affirmations to Prepare For the Week

You may just be pleasantly surprised by the positive impact on your wellbeing.

If you experience banish those dreaded Sunday scaries, why not try treating the last day of the week as the most important day of the week?

Create a ritual around your Sunday, building healthy habits using some of the following ideas: 

You may just be pleasantly surprised by the positive impact on your wellbeing. Approached with the right mindset, you’ll soon be welcoming the new week with open arms!


  1. Cohen GL, Sherman DK. The psychology of change: self-affirmation and social psychological intervention. Annu Rev Psychol. 2014;65:333-71. DOI: 10.1146/annurev-psych-010213-115137. PMID: 24405362.