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100 Affirmations to Boost Confidence, Self-Worth, and Success

Affirmations for confidence are proven to be a powerful tool for boosting low self-esteem, self-worth, and self-belief – when used correctly. Find out how to change your self-beliefs to fundamentally positive thoughts by writing and implementing affirmations for success.

What Are Affirmations For Confidence and Success?

Affirmations for confidence | Image shows a woman writing in a diary with a cup of herbal tea to her right and some white flowers to her left.

Affirmations for confidence are simple, positive statements designed to diminish negative thoughts and replace them with positive beliefs about yourself, your life, your abilities. However, the way in which these positive words are used can have an enormous impact on whether or not they actually work.

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The truth is, many people use positive affirmations incorrectly, and then they’re disappointed with the results – or lack thereof. 

But I can promise you the problem is not that self-esteem affirmations don’t work to boost a lack of confidence. They’re used by many successful people and are actually a great way to achieve some truly incredible results. So what’s going on?

The problem is that the wrong kind of affirmations do not work.

In fact, the wrong kind shouldn’t be called positive affirmations at all, because they’re actually negative – they do the exact opposite of what you set out trying to achieve!

Thankfully there’s a simple formula to making any kind of affirmation resonate and work for you – and it’s rooted in science (I carried out my own research to save you the trouble).

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Do Confidence Affirmations For Success Work?

Well, yes and no.

As mentioned above, using affirmations correctly and appropriately is critical to their success – or otherwise.

So what is the right way, and what is the wrong way when it comes to affirmations?

Let’s take a look…

What Element Must Self-Confidence Affirmations Include In order to Be Successful?

We must believe in its inherent truth.

The key (and clue) to understanding why many affirmations fail is in the definition of the word itself:

Taken from Oxford Languages on the Google SERP:

The action or process of affirming something.

With that in mind, there’s one vital ingredient in an affirmation working in the way we intend and yearn for when we choose to practice them:

We must believe in its inherent truth.

You cannot, with any degree of sincerity, affirm something which you do not fundamentally believe to be true. It’s disingenuous and simply doesn’t hold water. 

However much you may want the thing to be true, you know when you’re deceiving yourself, and therefore your rational brain will resist getting on board. In order for confidence affirmations to work, you need your subconscious mind to buy into the process.

As the definition suggests, true affirmations are rooted in truth.

A man writes in a diary with a gold pen.

The Affirmation For Confidence and Success That Will Zap Your Self-Belief

Let’s take a look at some examples of what doesn’t work…

Example one:

  • I am wealthy and powerful.
  • I am consistently making 10k every month.

Are you though? Because if you’re not, then you’re being insincere and your affirmations will feel false – and they’re unlikely to work for you.

Example two:

  • I will come into 100k this month!
  • I will be rich beyond my wildest dreams next year!

Affirmations can neither predict nor influence the future. Nor can they bring money to you, nor…well, basically anything that involves suspending reality in favour of putting your faith in magic for a while.

Sorry, but that’s not how valuable affirmations work.

As the definition suggests, true affirmations are rooted in truth.

That’s the value of a real, worthwhile affirmation.

Anything else masquerading as an affirmation is what I refer to as ‘manifesting’ – and is not where your time is best spent.

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Self Confidence Positive Affirmations That Will Work to Bring You Success

Want to ditch your negative beliefs, boost your confidence and gain high self-esteem for a really positive impact on your life? Keep reading!

If you want affirmations to really work for you, you should only ever use ones that feel honest for you, even if to begin with they hold only a small degree of truth. 

A notebook lies open on a table beside a cup of black coffee and a bunch of pink peonies.

You can work with that, in fact that’s the whole point – find something you want to become truer, and keep telling yourself that, over and over often enough until the belief is reinforced and strengthened and becomes an undeniable fact.

That’s the value of a real, worthwhile affirmation.

I personally recommend writing out your affirmations, since the act can itself be powerful, plus it’s a little less awkward if you’re uncomfortable with chanting them as a mantra. It’s one of the aspects of journaling I really love.

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Why Should You Use Affirmations For Success, Abundance, and Confidence?

While it may feel a little like hard work to make affirmations a daily habit, consistent practice can provide great benefits.

Simple positive phrases can make powerful affirmations, which can increase your self worth and filter through to every aspect of your life. As your confidence increases, you’ll also develop a more positive mindset which will improve your overall quality of life.

Try saying your positive mantra or writing your chosen powerful statements as part of your morning routine each day until it becomes second nature. It doesn’t have to be in front of your bathroom mirror if it feels too awkward, simply jotting them down can be equally profound.

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100 Confidence Affirmations For Success

You’ll notice that the way the following affirmations have been laid out is to begin with tentative suggestions, moving towards absolutes as you gain confidence.

The idea is to start at the beginning, and make your way up the list of positive affirmations over time, as you feel your belief in the first statements growing and solidifying. If you’re feeling creative you could also have a go at writing your own affirmations too.

Are you ready to zap that negative self-talk, improve your mental health, and start making positive changes in your life? Let’s go!

‘It’s Possible’ Self Confidence Affirmations

  1. It’s possible for me to feel confidence.
  2. It’s possible for me to increase my confidence levels.
  3. It’s possible for me to embrace myself and feel confident as I am.
  4. It’s possible for me to proud of myself for who I am. 
  5. It’s possible for me to be consistently confident, in spite of my perceived flaws.
  6. It’s possible for me to confident of who I am becoming.
  7. It’s possible for me to feel perfect exactly as I am.
  8. It’s possible for me to exude confidence.
  9. It’s possible for me to appear confident to others.
  10. Everything is possible for me.
A woman is writing in a journal and looking pensive. She has a cup of coffee beside her and large windows behind her.

‘I Am Open to’ Self Confidence Affirmations

  1. I am open to living confidently. 
  2. I am open to feeling confident.
  3. I am open to self-improvement.
  4. I am open to accepting myself with compassion.
  5. I am open to believing in my confidence.
  6. I am open to believing in my strengths.
  7. I am open to believing in my own self-worth and accepting unconditional love.
  8. I am open to believing in myself. 
  9. I am open to growing from my mistakes.
  10. I am open to advocating for myself.

‘I Can’ Confidence Affirmations For Success and a More Positive Outlook

  1. I can always improve.
  2. I can always learn more and do better.
  3. I can do whatever I set my mind to.
  4. I can be the person I choose to be.
  5. I can enjoy food without guilt.
  6. I can rejoice in moving my body.
  7. I can experience joy in the small things.
  8. I can be present.
  9. I can alway look for the silver lining.
  10. I can be confident.
Affirmation for confidence | Image shows a black woman wearing a blue denim shirt and looking up to her left, with a relaxed and happy smile on her face.

The ‘I Believe’ Affirmation For Confidence

  1. I believe in my capacity for confidence.
  2. I believe in my capacity for inner strength.
  3. I believe in my journey.
  4. I believe in my goodness.
  5. I believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  6. I believe setbacks are valuable opportunities to learn and grow.
  7. I believe in my authenticity.
  8. I believe I can appear confident.
  9. I believe in my value.
  10. I believe in myself and my abilities.

‘I Trust’ Self-Confidence Affirmations

  1. I trust my inner self.
  2. I trust my mind, heart, body, and soul.
  3. I trust my choices.
  4. I trust my intuition.
  5. I trust that I can embody confidence.
  6. I trust myself.
  7. I trust my mind, heart, body, and soul.
  8. I trust the decisions I’m making.
  9. I trust my journey.
  10. I trust my confidence.

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Confidence Affirmations For Successful Body Confidence

  1. I feel confident in my skin.
  2. My body is beautiful and allows me to do wonderful things.
  3. My body brings me joy every day.
  4. I worship my body and treat it with respect.
  5. I nourish my body so that I can be my best self today.
  6. The way I look is the least interesting thing about me.
  7. The way I look does not determine my self-worth or confidence.
  8. My body is a glorious vessel for my spirit, mind, and soul.
  9. My body has always served me well.
  10. My body deserves to experience pleasure of every kind.

‘I Choose’ Self Confidence Affirmations For Success in Life

  1. I choose to forgive. 
  2. I choose to be joyful, and live a happy life.
  3. I choose to accept myself as I am.
  4. I choose to be positive.
  5. I choose gratitude.
  6. I choose myself.
  7. I choose to accept and embrace my imperfections.
  8. I choose to pursue the good things that inspire me.
  9. I choose peace.
  10. I choose confidence.
Self confidence positive affirmations | Image shows a young, carefree woman smiling and running through a corn field in a white dress.

‘I Am’ Confidence Affirmations

  1. I am deserving and worthy of love.
  2. I am enough exactly as I am.
  3. I am interesting.
  4. I am radiant.
  5. I am strong.
  6. I am authentic and valuable.
  7. I am learning and growing.
  8. I am brave.
  9. I am grateful.
  10. I am confident.

My Favorite Affirmations For Self Confidence and Success

  1. The only validation I need is my own.
  2. What other people think of me is none of my business.
  3. Challenges allow me to showcase my strengths.
  4. I let go of anything that no longer serves me.
  5. I can be my own cheerleader.
  6. My opinions are valuable.
  7. I radiate positivity.
  8. I define my own story.
  9. I live according to my values and principles.
  10. I am my most confident when I am my authentic self.
Confidence affirmations | Image shows a confident woman smiling and air-grabbing.

A Few More Powerful Self Confidence Affirmations

  1. My confidence is my responsibility and I rise to the challenge. 
  2. I welcome confidence into my life. 
  3. I can fake it till I make it.
  4. My confidence increases every day.
  5. I wake up feeling confident each morning.
  6. I radiate confidence.
  7. My confidence lies in my integrity, knowledge, and experience.
  8. I am fearless and free of self-doubt.
  9. I have the power and confidence to change my world for the better.
  10. I breathe in confidence and breathe out fear.

Making affirmations for success a part of your daily routine is one of the best ways to take control of your own life, use these powerful statements to enjoy a confidence boost, exude a truly positive attitude, and live your best life.

Used in the correct way, working from top to bottom, these compelling affirmations can be highly effective in empowering confidence, courage, and fearlessness!