When you reach the point in your wedding planning of having chosen a theme, it’s incredibly exciting to see everything start coming together. So it can be heartbreaking when you discover that something you desire is just not possible. Whether it be the shoes that are discontinued and no longer available in your size, the perfect china that is just the wrong shade to match the cravats, or that your perfect wedding flowers are out of season, you’re left with a tragic dilemma.

So what’s a girl to do? Here is a blunt list of your seven options. Warning: none of these will magically fix your problem, but some come pretty close.

1. Find a Similar Bloom

A florist worth their salt will be able to advise you about similar alternatives. I was desperate to have peonies at my wedding and was recommended cabbage roses as a replacement (I got married in October).

My bouquet was beautiful, if not exactly what I had in mind.

 2. Silk Flowers

Back when our mothers tied the knot, this would not really have been an option. Now, there are some very acceptable artificial flowers available. Try Village Green UK or Withycombe Fair.

3. Brooch Bouquets

If you are open to doing something a little different, a brooch bouquet can be an elegant alternative. And if you happen to be going for a vintage vibe, this can be a really fabulous way to work extra detail into the day.

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4. Choose a Different Flower

If you are a perfectionist and a poor imitation just won’t do (though actually, some are really quite good!), you may have to consider choosing a different spray altogether.

Who knows, perhaps you will find something even better if you remain open-minded.

5. Cough Up

It is rare in the wedding industry that something cannot be accomplished – for the right price, natch. If you are absolutely determined to have that posy, it can be done. Providing, of course, that you are willing to stump up for the cost of airfreighting and storing the coveted stems.

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6. Get Hitched Abroad

If your budget will not allow the above option, you could always consider marrying abroad where the blooms you lust after are in season. Destination weddings can be surprisingly good value too!

 7. Change the Date of Your Wedding

If none of the above cut it, the last – and most drastic – option available to you is… to change your wedding date.

However, if you are a Bridezilla of the required proportion to genuinely consider this, I would hazard that you would never find yourself in such a position in the first place, having researched everything prior to setting the date!

There are so many stunning alternatives to the traditional bouquet: fabric; paper; dried flowers; feathers; balloons; cupcakes – need I go on? If your preferred flower is not available, it leaves you open to some really exciting and inspired choices. Rather than the closing of a door, think of it as an opportunity to be imaginative and create something unique and special!



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