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Weird Pregnancy Ailments

I recently wrote a post about an odd pregnancy complaint I experienced several months ago – possibly my most bizarre across all the months I’ve carried children. And it got me to thinking: there are plenty of symptoms of being with child – but what about those random ones nobody ever talks about because they’re so unusual? It’s time we opened up about truly weird pregnancy ailments, right?

So, I’m going first, and then I’ve invited other women to share too.


Unable to Pass Water

Obviously, my top strange complaint has to be the time I was unable to empty my bladder. You can read all about that really fun adventure by clicking the link if you’re interested.


Popping Ears

Both pregnancies, I’ve had almost continuous popping ears; more so on one side than the other but either way – it’s blimmin’ annoying. I find myself hiding while I stretch my mouth to  find some relief so I don’t look like I’m constantly yawning.

“With my first my ears would pop continuously and then one popped and I couldn’t get it to go back to normal. I went to see a doctor and was told it could just be a weird pregnancy thing or the sign of a serious problem with my ears and I might go deaf. I was petrified to say the least but luckily it was just a weird pregnancy thing.”

The Strawberry Fountain



When I fell with Pixie, my very first symptom was intense itching all over my body.

For those unaware, this can indicate a more serious problem later on in pregnancy…

“It used to get so bad I’d have to use a hairbrush to try to ease it. Saying that it actually turned out to be Obstetric Cholestasis so what I thought was a weird symptom needs regular monitoring.”



Tonsil Stones

“My strange ailment was tonsil stones…! I had never suffered before and I haven’t it since! They made my hyperemesis even worse.”

Katy Kicker


Unusual Causes of Nausea and Vomiting

Brushing my teeth made me vomit…. Which in turn made me want to brush my teeth.” (I too had this!)

Odd Hogg

I had had nausea with various foods, but one day when trying on clothes in a shop I touched the lining which was a cheap nylon and the feel of it almost made me throw up.

Counting to Ten



“I’ve never had a nosebleed apart from when I was pregnant (all three times), and I had loads!”

Coffee, Cake, Kids



“I never had it in 32 years but the stress of pregnancy brought it on and my legs were covered.”



“I used to have really violent dreams where I committed mass murders with machine guns in shopping malls! So realistic and I had them all the time.”

Tattooed Mummy



“My vision was really awful in my right eye from six months pregnant with my youngest. Was so scary but has since rectified itself.”

Thrifty Mum



“I developed an allergy to Rocket lettuce whilst carrying Ruby. I’d eaten (and loved) it for years without a problem. I still can’t eat it or anything that has touched it on a plate. Bizarre.”

Samantha Tucker


Allergies – Only During Pregnancy

“I developed a peanut allergy while pregnant. If someone ate peanuts anywhere near me my eyes would get itchy and my throat started to close up.

I’ve been able to eat peanuts before and after. Baby doesn’t seem to have an allergy to them either.”

Counting to Ten


Benefits of Pregnancy

Of course, there are also many more common issues which crop up during pregnancy – and even one or two advantages, such as thick glossy hair and beautiful skin (allegedly). Sadly, I’ve also suffered adult acne this pregnancy (didn’t make the above list because I think this can be common).

I’ve not particularly notice thick hair either! Although in fairness, last time around I did lose an awful lot following Pixie’s birth, so I guess it must have been there. At least it means fewer clumps for my new baby to pull out… Still, I’d rather suffer temporary Postpartum Alopecia than completely lose my hair, which is a very real condition for the half of the population who have not contributed to this post. Poor guys. (Incidentally, did you see the programme recently about Advanced Tricho Pigmentation? The treatments available now are insane!) I may sound flippant, but in all seriousness hair loss can be a big deal, as I discussed in my post Why Do Women Get So Emotional About Haircuts?

Whilst we’re on the subject of hair, mine has definitely change in texture – it used to be poker straight and it now has a wave. Apparently this is another common phenomena!

Oh, and one improvement which I’ll end on – which has been a permanent change – is my nails have definitely got stronger (they no longer peel). Bonus!

Have you suffered any strange ailments – or benefits – whilst pregnant?

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  1. Jo

    April 21, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    The things us women have to go through hey! At least we get a lovely reward at the end of it all x

    1. Kate Tunstall

      April 27, 2017 at 2:25 pm

      Tell me about it! But of course, wouldn’t change it. <3

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