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129 Ideas For Creative Bullet Journal Collections in 2024 + Printable

Ideas for bullet journal collections to inspire you to creatively organise your life and loves in your bujo. In this post you’ll find over 100 bullet journal ideas in 9 different categories – there’s something here for everyone! Plus a free bujo collections checklist printable for you to print out and keep.

Bullet Journal Ideas For Beginners in 2022

Ideas for bullet journal collections | Image shows a flatlay of journal and accessories.
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If you’re a fan of journaling like I am but you’ve not yet discovered bullet journaling, then you’re missing out! In this post I’ve collated over 100 bullet journal list ideas to inspire you, with a free bujo collections checklist printable for you to print out and keep at the end.

While it’s designed to support planning and organisation, it can absolutely be used within the wellbeing sector of journaling too.

Bullet journaling is a very specific kind of journaling, but one that absolutely deserves a mention alongside my other journaling content – especially as it’s fast become my favourite new technique!

Inspiring Ideas For Bullet Journal Collections

While my journaling articles tend to focus on personal growth, bullet journaling is organisation oriented – however the concept of bullet journaling lends itself well to being adaptable to all lifestyles, which is why I love it so much.

Whether you’re a student, or a busy professional or parent, bullet journaling can benefit you because there’s a collection (actually multiple collections!) to suit your needs.

Image shows an open journal on a desk, beside a cup of coffee.

And while the original bullet journal system was created to support planning and organisation, it can absolutely be used within the wellbeing sector of journaling too.

What is a Bullet Journal Collection?

If you’re new to bujo you may not have heard the term bullet journaling collection before; often referred to as a spread, bullet journal collections are essentially a group of related data from a particular topic.

Think of it like a section within your journal collating all the tasks, notes, and events around specific topics or themes, or for a particular purpose.

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How Do You Create a New Bullet Journal Collection?

To create a new collection, flip to your next blank double page in your journal, and write the topic name at the top. Next, find and migrate all related tasks, notes, and events into the collection.

Your collection can be created using daily spreads, weekly, or monthly bullet journal spreads , according to your needs and preference.

Then simply add the topic name and page number to your index page, and you’re done!

Bullet journaling ideas pin

Finding Bullet Journal Collection Ideas You Love

This mega list of ideas for bullet journal collections makes getting started as easy as possible.

I’ve listed a lot of ideas further down in this post but, as I mentioned above, these are totally customisable and should be used as inspiration only to help you come up with your own ideas.

By all means feel free to borrow anything you see on the list, but don’t be afraid to take the ideas and mash them up either!

In order to make bullet journaling work for you, simply create custom collections that are relevant to your life.

As ever, being so open-ended is what can make beginning the process daunting, which is a shame because it’s a highly regarded method of journaling. 

And that’s where this post can help you. I’ve put together this mega list of ideas for bullet journal collections to make getting started as easy as possible. 

Image shows journals stacked on a desk beside a cheese plant.

Category Ideas For Bullet Journal Collections

A list of 129 bullet journal ideas to inspire you, whether you’re new to bullet journaling or a seasoned adopter of the bujo method.

Your needs will differ depending on your personal reasons for keeping a journal. Some popular ideas for types of collections might include:

  • Personal growth and mental health bullet journal page ideas
  • Habit trackers to help you kick bad habits and implement healthier daily habits
  • Physical health bujo pages
  • Family life bullet journal ideas
  • Travel list bullet journal ideas
  • Bullet journal goals and productivity collections
  • Financial bujo page ideas
  • Household bujo page ideas
  • Favourite interests collection ideas
  • Bullet journaling ideas for blogging (of course!)

The beauty of the bullet journal is its incredible versatility to be tailored to your specific lifestyle and become exactly what you need it to be. Your own bullet journal is a great place for keeping track of your to-do lists, daily tasks, and ongoing projects. 

But it’s also a great way to stay on top of other important information and to be creative!

However the best thing about bullet journaling is that it’s not only functional in terms of organisation – it’s a fun way to be expressive too. (Don’t forget to decorate your spreads with bullet journal doodles!)

Whether by using artistic flair or simply filling your bujo with your favourite things, the important thing is that you make your bullet journal work for you.

Open notebook with blue scarf and white flowers and a bowl of strawberries in background.

It should be a reference point for all the little details of life admin you need to track, with a separate section for the different things that bring you joy.

129 Bullet Journal Ideas to Inspire You to Get Creative!

Whether you’re new to bullet journaling or a seasoned adopter of the bujo method, here’s a list of 129 ideas for bullet journal collection pages to inspire you. Borrow from this list, or use these as inspiration to create your own custom bullet journal collections.

And once you’ve chosen some ideas you want to include, why not check out this post with tons of inspiration for creating a bullet journal theme for your new collection, or get started with some bullet journal prompts for beginners?

Personal growth and mental health bullet journal page ideas

Packed full of writing prompts and different ways to practice self-care, the self-improvement ideas for this kind of collection will help you to take better care of yourself. 

  1. Values
  2. Level 10 life
  3. Inner child work
  4. Favourite quotes
  5. Affirmations
  6. Personal goals
  7. Habit tracker
  8. Pay it forward ideas
  9. Shadow work prompts
  10. Healthy morning routine / habits
  11. Gratitude lists / gratitude log
Bullet journal gratitude list.
  1. Brain dump
  2. Anxiety tracker
  3. Stress levels
  4. Journal prompts
  5. Self-care activities
  6. Mood tracker
  7. Volunteering
  8. Wish lists
  9. Life changes
  10. Therapy progress tracker
  11. Milestones
  12. Happy memories
Autumn leaves mood tracker in a journal.

Bujo ideas for physical health pages

From sleep quality to how much water you’re taking in each day, these bullet journal trackers are ideal for staying on top of your health.

  1. Health tracker
  2. Period tracker
  3. Sugar intake tracker
  4. Food and/or allergy diary
  5. Medications
  6. Workout diary
  7. Health goals
  8. Fitness goals / tracker
  9. Water intake tracker
  10. Alcohol intake tracker
  11. Weight tracker
  12. Sleep tracker
  13. Heart rate tracker
  14. Blood pressure
  15. Energy levels
  16. Skincare routine

Family life bullet journal ideas

These family collections are ideal so you never miss an appointment – and to help you carve out that all important quality time for family fun!

  1. Play dates
  2. Medical and health appointments
  3. Therapy appointments
  4. Beauty appointments
  5. Family film night ideas
  6. School commitments
  7. Homework
  8. Crafting
  9. School projects
  10. School shopping lists
  11. School holiday calendar
  12. Library book tracker
  13. Funny quotes from kids
  14. Ideas for family days out
  15. Date night ideas
  16. Family arrangements
  17. After school activities
  18. Gardening task list
  19. Future log
  20. Happy jar entries
Journal jar GIF
Happy jar.

Travel list of bullet journal collection ideas

With a common theme of holidaying and sightseeing, the ideas for this bujo collection will keep you inspired to travel!

  1. Holiday planning
  2. Excursion planning
  3. Packing list
  4. Bullet journal bucket list
  5. Countries visited
  6. Towns and cities visited locally (national travel)
  7. Holiday shopping list
  8. Holiday countdown

Ideas for bullet journal goals and productivity collections

Keeping an up to date list of things to work towards and tick off is the best method for planning and executing goals.

  1. To-do list
  2. Skills to learn
  3. Job searches
  4. Interview prep
  5. Project planning
  6. Resources lists
  7. Goal setting
  8. Business planning
  9. Accountability spread
  10. Professional development
  11. Annual resolutions / reflecting
  12. Monthly goals
  13. Yearly goals
Image shows a woman writing in a notebook. She wears pale blue nail varnish and a creamy jumper.

Financial bujo page ideas

Keep track of how much money is due in or out with these bujo collection ideas.

  1. Budget planning
  2. Household expenses
  3. Business expenses
  4. School expenses
  5. Travel expenses (vehicles and public transport)
  6. Savings tracker
  7. Debt tracker
  8. Bill payments
  9. Tax returns records and info
  10. Holiday budgeting
  11. Loan repayment tracker
  12. Mortgage tracker
  13. Couponing
  14. Shopping budgets
  15. Financial goals

Household list of bullet journal collections and ideas

The different areas covered in these bujo collection pages are a great idea for keeping tabs on household responsibilities.

  1. Birthdays and anniversaries
  2. Grocery list
  3. Meal planner
  4. Freezer inventory
  5. Recipes
  6. Home improvements
  7. Chores
  8. Cleaning lists
  9. Event planning
  10. Car maintenance (MOT & Tax)
  11. Decluttering
  12. Birthday gift list / Christmas lists
Bullet journal birthday spread.

Favourite interests collection ideas for bullet journaling

It’s all too easy to allow hobbies to fall by the wayside if we don’t actively block out time for them. These ideas for bullet journal collections will help to ensure you keep focus on your passions.

  1. Playlists
  2. TV shows
  3. Films
  4. Blogs and Instagram pages
  5. Book list to read
  6. Favourite books read
  7. Hobbies
  8. Favourite stationery for journaling!

Blogging collections inspiration for bullet journaling

If you have a blog then you’ll know how many admin tasks there are to stay on top of! Use these collection ideas to help you set a schedule you can follow.

  1. Key dates 
  2. Editorial calendar planning
  3. Keyword research
  4. Blog post planning
  5. Sponsored content tracker
  6. Gifted product tracker
  7. Gift guide planning
  8. Giveaways
  9. Social media stats tracker
  10. Social media content planning
  11. Income and expenses tracker
  12. Outstanding invoices tracker
  13. Reciprocal engagement trackers
  14. Client outreach tracker

Whether your goal is to catalogue and coordinate the various areas of your life or to improve your personal wellbeing, bullet journaling can be a really useful tool.

Not only is it a great journaling technique for organisation, but it’s also versatile enough that it can be a really creative process – if you want it to be!

Free Bullet Journal Collections Printable

Ready to get started with some of these ideas? Why not print out our handy checklist of bullet journal ideas in our free printable? Head over to the resources page and sign up for exclusive access to all of our printables for free!

Make Your Bujo Your Own With These Bullet Journal Ideas!

Once you’ve chosen which collections you’re going to include in your bullet journal, you may choose to keep it simple, but otherwise there are lots of ways to add splashes of colour and originality to make your journal unique.

Washi tape and journaling accessories.

Some people choose to use stickers, other choose colouring pens to create striking headers using a variety of elaborate bullet journal fonts.

Read more about the best pens for bullet journaling.

Alternatively, washi tape is an excellent way to brighten up your bullet journal key and other pages, with the added bonus of being practical too…

If you have weekly spreads you’ll want to update on a weekly basis, such as meal planning and shopping lists, then washi tape is ideal as it should peel off easily.

A washi tape wardrobe spread in a bullet journal.

However you choose to personalise your bullet journal, keep in mind that we were all beginners once and it doesn’t have to be perfect! Have fun practicing your skills and enjoy the creative process.

Besides which, as you can see above, it’s super easy to make your bujo beautiful using colourful tapes without being an incredible artist or expert hand letterer.

Have you tried bullet journaling yet? Why not use some of these bullet journal list ideas for bujo collections as inspiration for a new bullet journal this year?